Sadhana Jewel – March 2018

“Sadhana gives you grace, Sadhana gives you fearlessness, Sadhana gives you self, Sadhana gives denomination, domination, projection, polarity combination, equilibrium, respectability, totality, internal and external self knowledge, and it gives you purity, it gives you Divinity, dignity, grace, it gives you radiance, it gives you pranic Shakti, it gives you auric Shakti, it gives you metal of something which is ever shine, not seen, and you become metallically living grace. That is why loh, loh, loh means iron also, but loh means which can absorb the entire heat, that is called loh. When you go to Guru Ram Das house they put a big sheet of iron on which they make chapattis, have you seen that, that is called loh. Word is sarb loh, sarb loh does not mean anybody who wears all the iron about himself, it is a misappropriation of the reality of facts but sarb loh means that loh which takes the entire cool and heat of all the universe, still remains neutral. That is what Sadhana gives you. When you want to be bountiful, do Sadhana.”

~Yogi Bhajan, July 30, 1980

Why do I do sadhana?

Simple… it makes it so much easier for me to connect to Shunia (the still center) at all times throughout the day. That time each morning is when the roots of my inner plant are fed and grow deeper and stronger. During the day, my branches grow stronger and my limbs and leaves dance in the breeze of whatever the day has to offer.

But it is my root to which I return, again and again, throughout the day and evening by breathing consciously with mantra. Without this deep connection to the root the Maya that comes with this (and every) incarnation becomes too distracting and keeps me in my limited mental space too much of the time. The contraction and focus that sadhana requires is the very thing that allows me to keep expanding fully and fearlessly throughout my life.

~Mukhia Singh Sahib Guruka Singh Khalsa – Founder and CEO of SikhNet

Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles. Photo Courtesy of


Spring Revelations 

I took my first Kundalini Yoga classes in 1971 in North Hollywood, California at 16 years of age and moved into Guru Arjan Dev Ashram in Brentwood in January, 1973.   I was driving about 15 minutes to Morning Sadhana at Guru Ram Das Ashram each morning with other ashram residents or on my own. There were three of us who were all moving in and living the 3HO lifestyle for the first time. It had been announced that we would do a special sadhana of 40 days of 2 1/2 hours of Long Ek Ong Kars, and this would be our first experience with this challenging but exciting practice. All of us were very grateful that this was happening so soon after we had moved in.

On the 38th day I chanted as usual, and it was very powerful as it had been since the first day, but this time when the chanting ended and we all laid down for our lengthy ‘corpse pose relaxation’, I felt my awareness had drifted to the ceiling and I had the clear sensation of watching a floor covered with sleeping yogis, all at different angles and shapes and sizes, but all completely asleep. As I took this in, I became aware of another presence with me, also at ceiling level, very large, whitish, and somehow comforting in a warm reassuring way.   This all felt matter-of-fact, and suddenly I realized it was Siri Singh Sahibji Yogi Bhajan at the other end of the ceiling nearer the back of the building where he resided, just taking it in. The vibrational field that he embodied made the offhand comment that “you are the only one”. It dawned on me that he was referring to me as the only one still awake and with him in this moment, and it was just very natural and normal and gave me a very clear experience of the subtle perception that was possible when you go deeper into the here and now.

~Gurudatta Singh Khalsa of Española,  New Mexico

Deep Roots

Without deep roots, you cannot grow,

And woe befall if winds may blow.

Deep roots will give you joy and play,

So do your sadhana every day.

~Singh Sahib Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa – Toronto, Canada

Please join us at and explore our resources there to help you fully grasp Yogi Bhajan’s core teaching – morning sadhana. Almost every time we sat with him – at some point during a class or lecture he’d say ‘you gotta do your sadhana’. So, ask questions of devout and longtime sadhana doers, teachers and trainers who studied directly with Yogi Bhajan for decades at! Become a sponsor there and inform others of your skills, gifts and expertise around Aquarian themes or advertise your yoga center, healing, coaching or counseling practice or New Age/inspired business.

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