Shabads of Guru Arjan Video – Tera Kiya Meetha Laagai by Taren Kaur

Gurbani Kirtan shared in honor of the birth of Guru Arjan Dev ji for Sikh Dharma International’s 2021 special Gurpurb celebration from Taren Kaur UK!


About the Artist

Taren Kaur is a singer-songwriter and kirtan singer from the United Kingdom. Inspired by the rich history of music, deep poetic writings and the universal teachings of oneness and equality from the Sikh faith, she creates and sings music accessible to all, no matter which spiritual path one may follow. Taren Kaur performs and composes meaningful, deeply soulful songs, inspiring and connecting with listeners across the world. Influenced by music from a young age, she taught herself how to play the guitar and soon began to write her own lyrics and compositions. Fusing together Western and Eastern musical influences of her ancestors, she developed her own unique sound. Taren Kaur’s music touches the hearts of the listener and encourages them to delve deep within. Her soothing vocal range draws in listeners regardless of their faith or cultural beliefs. Taren Kaur breaks down any barriers between people through her accessible soul-entrancing music.






Click Here for a Shabad Sheet of Tera Kiya Meetha Laagai

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