Sikh Dharma and the Core of Happiness



My Secretary of Religion has given an explanation of the shabad, “Jai Te Gang.” Let me tell you, this shabad is the total property of Guru Gobind Singh, given to us as a gift. And if you find a person very feeble, who has no grit, no courage, no self esteem… I mean, take all the things from alphabetically minus… and you do the job of this shabad, the person will become totally tempered and can cut through any negativity.

This is a Mangala Charan of Bhagwati, the Goddess of Power. And in Ardas we say, “Pritham Bhagotee simar kei gur Nanak la-ee dhi-aa-eh.” First we worship the Bhagwati, the goddess of power. God is all powerful, but the channel is Bhagwati. And this is the Mangala Charan of the Goddess Bhagwati. And we normally associate it with a sword.

It can temper a person in a courage, a grit and a self-esteem that nothing on the planet… howsoever negative forces may be at work around or for… shall affect. It is most powerful mantra by itself, and this is the only one shabad which is a complete mantra.

Normally mantra is “Ik Aksharee.” One word or two, or maximum, three. That’s all. Beyond that only there are certain mantras which are five, like “Sa- Ta-Na-Ma.” Sat-Nam is five actually because five tattwas are covered. Those are very rare. But, “Kirtan nam jappe mere jivaa satinaam tero peroo purbalo.” God, all Your Names are as in action I see You, feel You, and understand You. But your original Name… which we call as the nucleus Name… that is Sat Nam.

People think that Sat Nam is just something else. Sa-a Ta-a Na-a Ma-a. So there are ten words in it. Ten akhshar in it. There are five tattwas, so it covers you completely and absolutely. It is a scientific situation. There is not something to which we can relate it indifferently other than that.

The mantra she chanted: “Jai Te Gang.” ‘Te Ang.” “Te” stands for “tej,” “taal,” “life.” And “ang” means the “self,” “body.” My arm is the “ang.” “Ang Sang Wahe Guru.” And “te gang,” there is the double “ang-aa” in it. That means you are part of my infinite light, power. And that’s what we call it: “Te gang.”

“Deg, teg fateh!” That’s one symbol, that’s our free kitchen. And our protection for others shall always be victorious. That’s our wish. That is what reality is.

My only association with you is to let you understand Sikh religion in the basics of it, not by the commercialization and by the environmental

Today I am talking to you, “Sikh Dharma and the Happiness, the Core of Happiness.” If I tell you: “Don’t flirt around, don’t sex around, and don’t do wrong, don’t do this, be very pious, be very holy,” I think I’ll be very insane myself, because the tattwas create juices and juices seek outlet. So sexual outlet, emotional outlet, commotional outlet, insane outlet, psychotic, neurotic — these are all outlets. If anybody thinks these are not outlets, he is insane, himself.

Our human body has five tattwas. These five tattwas mean: 1. ether; 2. air; 3. fire; 4. water; and 5. earth. It means the total brahmand, total shristi, total all this akash, prakash, makash, vinash, whatever you want to call it, whatever the forces are which are here and hereafter are all contained, and that containment and harmony or interplay of those forces makes a human body. So a human body is not just a very small situation, but it is the highest gift of God.

So these bodies are… no, naturally when everything gripes up to everyday, and in 72 hours you get a new body because your ten trillion cells change them, and you have a new body every 72 hours. Naturally you have a lot of circulatory outlet of it, and that is the juices. Akash has its own juice. Rasa, they call it. Ras bhogo. Enjoy the juices of life. I mean to say, it is all in Siri Guru Granth. I’m not making it myself, so don’t think I am telling you something any different.

But how to enjoy these juices? They need outlet. If you don’t have outlet, then you will be totally, absolutely lunatic. You will just be confined, cornered and be in a closet. Sikh Dharma is a very rare religion. It gives you the life. It tells you to go out, it tells you to prosper, it tells you to take care of others. It tells you everything which a saint and a soldier can do together. It’s a religion of a saint and a soldier. It’s a religion of miree and piree. It’s a religion of shaastar and shastar. “Shaastar” means all knowledge and “shastar” means arms. Arms and knowledge, if you put it literally. But in other words, what it means practically speaking, it tells you to be creative and above it.

Its concept is that you should have a mental approach that you take everything personal and figure it out impersonally, and take everything impersonal and figure it out impersonally and that way you will create a harmony within yourself, and around yourself and everybody and anybody you know.

Now how to achieve that? This nobody tells. You go to a holy man, he says: “Become my disciple and take my mantra, do this, this, this. It is going to work out.” Now normally if that works out then everybody should be in the heavens. Nobody is. They normally say, “If you are religious and belong to a religion and you are happy,” but watch out, these streets have more churches than you can count. I went to Toronto. Toronto is called “City of Churches.” In every corner where they put lot, there is a church or a synagogue or there is a mosque, or there is a gurdwara. You’ll find so many holy places and holy men that you can’t even count them.

With all that, why mankind is suffering? That is the question. And that is my question today. Because man does not understand that through pranic energy he can stimulate these rasas within himself so they must not come out of it. First principle of harmony is that your juices must be cooked by you. They should not ask for an outlet.

Now I have seen Christian monks when they get horny, they get under cold water and they do everything. And I have seen sadhus, they put ashes and they do all that stuff. You won’t believe the part which I never discuss with you. I mean, I can’t. It’s so ugly. And these guys are very sincere. They are very sincere, they are really very devoted and sincere. They don’t want to do anything wrong. But what they go through, Guru Nanak doesn’t permit us to go through. He says, “Forget it. Don’t be anywhere, stretch yourself beyond reasonable, noble means.”

In the United States I have met a couple, husband and wife, who have drilled a third eye hole right here, and I saw it myself. And they also showed me the movie when they drilled. And they wanted to come and get confirmation from me because I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and known master, so if I confirm it, then their P.R. will become great. And I said, “You think I am really that stupid? Wow! What are you doing? I mean to say, if you would have gone little bit more, you would have been dead. That’s the most wrong thing. It cannot be allowed.” Should I tell you to get up at 3:00 in the morning? I do tell you to go and have a cold shower and then I say, “Sit down and meditate,” and do all that. I didn’t say, “Keep on freezing yourself to death.” And I have seen people doing it. It’s not untrue.

I have seen people doing things just to be nice for themselves. They don’t know what to do with themselves. Sometimes now in 3HO also I have seen people play ‘moon.’ If somebody goes berserk, they say because moon is full and moon is first and moon is… Poor moon sits there! We walk on it. I mean, moon used to be very great thing but now we walk on this moon and now moon and mars and jupiter is this, and yes, these are psychic powers and big and huge and very affirmatively effective and their indication is not that negative as people think. But they are not ineffective, either. I agree.

I understand the entire energy, the psychomagnetic field and electromagnetic field is the original self, but what is it that Sikhism offers which other people don’t offer? Why we have to be Sikh? That is the subject. Because if a Sikh is prosperous, happy, courageous and a great man… less than that he is still “becoming” a Sikh. The fundamental requirement of a Sikh is very elegant. It’s totally protective of itself. But there are certain steps you have to learn in life and one is that your tattwas will secrete juices. Your glands will secrete juices. Your life will secrete itself. Your cells shall change in 72 hours. If not in 72 hours, when you get old, it takes 80 or 84 hours, it doesn’t matter.

But what I am trying to relate to you is that this is a natural action. You will breathe. That is true. But if your pranas can contain your juices, then you have: ‘kar aye vast kar sajaye sei.’ Then you understand. Then your own imperial self sits on its own throne and enjoys the royalty of it. And that purpose of life is very unique. And that is what you have to understand.

Some religions say, “Become a monk.” Some religions, “Shave off your hair and become ugly.” Some religion is, “Fashion and do everything.” Some religions tell you, “Do everything in the world. Don’t check your desire at all. Keep going.” Some tell you, “Don’t do a one thing.” You know, in your life you will find more seminars than you can spell them, more methods than you can relate to them, and more thoughts and ideas. And they are very professionally oriented. They are done in a way…

Now, there was a fad that if everybody gets a subliminal tape, he is going to lose weight. Now how many people have lost weight? Give me the figures. Yes, subliminal tapes are very effective. I’m not saying they are not. But can a subliminal tape be done with a frequency to cut the shield, or not cut the shield? Is the penetration trigger point at a 3-1/2 cycle psychoelectromagnetic field response to the two square of the energy or not? Or it is just simple, ineffective sounds which psychologically give you a satisfaction that it is effective? Or somebody cheats the metabolism of the body thereafter when somebody has gone through experiment. Is it that the effectiveness of that is medically proven or somebody has done the research? No. I know, it’s not there.

Why religion has failed? It is a science of reality. It is an art of reality. Why it has failed? Because religion has compromised with a man and man’s insecurity. So we end up building churches, temples, gurdwaras, mosques, huge big symbols we have raised, and men are small, empty, shallow. That’s what is happening in the world today. Our men are not shining, our people are not shining. Our temples are. Our men are not decorated, our women aren’t decorated with religion, with reality, with commitment, with depth. But our temples are. Our rituals are great, but our reality is small. We have a big show on the earth, but we are very shallow inside. But that is what is going on and we cannot afford it. That is why Nanak came, that’s what Nanak wanted us to know, and that’s why in Siri Guru Granth in 1430 pages, Guru Nanak has spoken in detail of every aspect of life in telling us, “It won’t work. End is endless. It won’t work.”

What he tells is: find in your own self how to cook your own juices and how to eat it, how to restimulate the energy in you. If the tattwas give the energy and it is given in outlet, you are only serving time and space. Man is supposed to be above time and space. How you are going to cook it?

The idea to do it was that your prana, Pavan Guroo, your own prana can cook it. Your own tongue, own lingam, it is called ‘naad lingam,’ your tongue is called ‘naad lingam.’ It can stimulate the hypothalamus. Your taru, the upper akasha, can also stimulate your hypothalamus and also make the neurons in the body to stimulate your entire being. Your breath can stimulate the pituitary, the 3rd eye and you can have the stimulative self acknowledgement and power that you can become sensitive enough to know things before time and space can hit you. These things are possible.

And that is why these things are possible in a very casual way. It is not something we have to super powerfully suffer and super powerfully go through and then we become ego maniac, “Oh, I can do this!”

You know, once I got very funny. I said: “I want to learn an agni mantra.” That mantra is very powerful. If you speak that mantra in your mouth, silently, if you have a siddh, if you have perfected that mantra, and there is a fire going on and somebody is cooking food, you understand what I am saying? And you just (makes a sound like he is blowing his breath out of his mouth), that is all. You don’t have to do anything. It can burn entire wood of the entire jungle, but that thing will never get cooked. I can bet with you. I used to do this kind of hanky panky. I took a vow I will never do it, but it’s true what I am saying. You can totally make fire absolutely with no heat in it. You can walk through it, you can do anything, but it will be as cold as it is. Just once and that’s done. So I knew that.

Once I went there and this guy was demonstrating and there was a fire and he said it is no heat. I went there, took a bucket of water, and threw it on it. I said, “Here, it is gone.” Though I knew it myself. He was right. He said, “Why you did this to me?” I said, “Why you are making these innocent people to understand you are superior, when a bucket of water can extinguish a fire. What’s your idea?” He said, “Is it not some power?” I said, “Yes. This power is only workable in 9 feet. Suppose there is a one huge building on fire, this won’t work. So why are you giving them an understanding that they should just have no fear of fire?”

Then I started discussing with him, and then I told him, “I have also learned it and I know it.” Then he was a little reconciling. He understood it. He didn’t believe me. I told him, I said, “Come on, I’ll show you.” So in those days I used to understand all this stuff, but my idea is that if you have some powers, what use that is?

The greatest power is that nothing disturbs you. The greatest power is that your peace of mind is always in one piece. The greatest power is that you are not afraid. The greatest power of the man is described by Guru Nanak. The greatest power of all powers, Guru Nanak has described. “Ik Ong Kar.” You are the creation of the One. Accept it or deny it. But just think, Guru Nanak puts a statement of challenge. Accept it, deny it, that’s all your option. If you are a Sikh of the Guru, accept it. If you are not, deny it. Entire creation is the creation of the One God. Accept it or deny it.

“Sat Nam.” Identity is true. Nam means noun. Every noun is the name of person, place or a thing. It is true. Accept it or deny it. “Karta Purkh.” Kar does all. All is God. Accept it or deny it. “Nirbhao.” No fear. Accept it or deny it. “Nirvair.” No vengeance. Accept it or deny it. “Akal Moorat.” You are perfect as made in God. Thou shall not do any addition, alteration, showoff. Accept it, deny it. “Ajoonee Saibhang.” You are not in and out. You are stable. Mentally, physically, and spiritually, and by itself, by your own self, by your own being. Accept it, deny it. “Gurprasaad.” You take it as a gift. You take it as a blessing when you achieve it, so your ego is not inflated. Accept it, deny it. How you achieve it? Now look. That’s called “Guru.” Commandment is there: “Jap.” Repeat! He didn’t say ‘meditate.’ He didn’t say ‘dhyaan.’ He didn’t say that. He said, “Jap.” What? “Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, Nanak hosee bhee sach.” And after that if we are just suffering,
then we are not doing this.

Now, one of the easiest things a Sikh can do or a man can do or a human can do, is that he can accept or deny. Everybody can do it. I love that game, “Snakes and ladders.” Either you go up or you come down. There’s nothing in between. Rest is all what number comes down on the face. There’s no in between.

What I’m trying to explain to you is: no say ‘no,’ when you have to say ‘no.’ That is Nanak. No say ‘no’ when you have to say ‘no.’ That is Nanak. And conditions are not many. There’s no ritualism it, there’s no secret about it. It’s all sacred. Accept it, deny it. And if you want to accept all, and you want to reach that stage, then he says: “Jap.” “Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, Nanak….” Nanak puts his seal on it, puts a stamp on it. “Nanak hosee bhee sach.” It shall come true.

Now our children who are starting their life, they need that courage, they need that grit, they need power to accept and deny. Have we as parents sat down with them and taught them: “Aad sach jugaad sach heibhee sach Nanak hosee bhee sach?” Have we accepted them or made them to accept that rhythm? Have we tried to give ourself that ecstasy, that consciousness, that beauty, that bounty, that power, that praise that we can just be one with that infinite God and that infinite God be with us?

Each day is a day of misery. “Oh, I don’t have money, I don’t have this, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.” Complaining and nagging and always crying. Is that life or the day in ecstasy and blissfulness and just say: “All Thou, Lord. All is Thine, Oh Lord, including me.” Can you include yourself in God or can you not?

I think you are very all religious and I think there are many religions. I have nothing to do with it. And religions don’t meet. Yesterday we were in Newport Beach and at one moment I was leaving, the Dali Lama was coming, and Billy Graham was already there. Three people. Nobody met anybody. That’s not the purpose. Even though we tried, there was so much security or so much everything, there was nothing to do about it. It was better to leave it alone. Because one thing you all have to do, “Ik Ong Kar” does not mean anything more than this to me: have you included yourself in the totality of God, or you have not? That’s one commitment. If you have included yourself in the totality of God, then reality of God is in everybody. Then don’t complain. Then you lose the right to complain. You lose the right to worry. You lose the right to be negative. You lose the right to be real American — complain and hassle and say and play these apathy/sympathy games. This is normal American behavior. Play denial,
but you can’t do all that. Then you have to, if you include yourself, consciously, personally into God. Then God will reside in you.

There was one woman. That day she was discussing with me, she said, “What is the idea? Why I am not happy? I have everything.” I said, “You can’t be happy.” She said, “Why?” I said, “Man is known by the company he keeps. I have seen your company and they are all very inferior people. You love inferiority around you because you want to feel superior.” “No, no, this man I love,” she said. I said, “You can love him as much as you want. What he’s doing to you is making you useless, inferior, and absolutely taking away from you what you have. It won’t work.”

But that’s what the aspect is. If you include yourself in the totality of God, then you will love the reality of God, and God will make it seen that it happens. Because everything is taken care of by God. God IS Karta Purkh. God IS Sat Nam. God IS Nirbhao, Nirvair. God IS Ajoonee Saibhang. God IS Akaal Moorat. There are no two opinions about it! Because that ultimate truth, aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach Nanak hosee bhee sach, it means only that you include yourself in the library of God, in the book of reverence of God, in the totality of God. That IS Sikh Dharma! That is what Jap means, repeat all the time that you are the part of the totality of God so you can trust and act and be the reality of God, so that give a God a chance.

It is the people who matter. People are the temple of God. People ARE the gurdwara! Their behavior is the essence of the teachings. It will never change. We have become absolutely inside empty and outside shining. Outside shining is very essential because it should remind us that we have to match up inside, too. Inside is personal. Outside is impersonal. Outside is to impress others. Inside is to impress ourselves, and it’s very important. That’s why these five kaka’s are there, to remind us that we belong to Guru. But those kaka’s also are inside. Five tattwas are attached to them. And we have to take our juices and restimulate in ourselves so that our juices do not tear us apart. It’s energy. That’s why some people go totally berserk, hysteric. They do not know what they are doing. They absolutely are blowing up everything. They are coming from fear, they are coming from commotions, they are coming from emotions, they are coming from anything you can name. They don’t know what to do because they can’t do. They
have not learned the simple art which Nanak gave us, the simple science Nanak gave us.

Then let us mentally commit, yes and no, that we are part of Almighty God and Almighty God is part of us. And this way, this hard work (this IS hard work), this jinee naam dhyaaeeaa. It is naam dhyaaeeaa. It is not naam jaapia. He says ‘naam dhyaaeeaa, ghay masakat ghaal.’ Those who have mentally understood it and repeated it, and they have become part of it, Nanak te mukh ujale ketee chutee naal. Nanak, they are glorified here and hereafter.

May the blessing of Guru be with you. May you understand Sikh Dharma and the basic effect of it, and may you practice it as it is. Not by overdoing it, not by underdoing it, but just doing it!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above article copyright: Yogi Bhajan Teachings

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