Sikh Dharma International Proclamation to Oak Creek Sangat



  • Whereas, Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave us the words “Ek Ong Kaar” to serve as our guiding star; and,
  • Whereas, as Sikhs of the Guru we live to honor those words and recognize the One in All; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Angad Dev Ji said, “Jis Piaaray Sio Neh, Tis Aagai Mari Chaleeai” Die before the One whom you love; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Amar Daas Ji uttered, “Waahu Waahu Baanee Sachu Hai, Sachi Milaavaa Hoi”, Waaho Waaho is the True Bani by which one meets the True Guru; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Raam Daas Ji proclaimed in His True Words, “Sikh Guru, Guru Sikh Hai”, The Sikh is the Guru and the Guru is in the Sikh, there is no separation between a Sikh and His Guru; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, sweetly reminds us, ” Sabho Bhajai Aasaraa Chukai Sabh Asaraau, Chit Aavai Os Paarbrahm Lagai Na Tatee Vaao”, When all support has given way and all hope has been lost, if you should then remember the Supreme Lord, then even the hot winds shall not touch you; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Hargobind Ji forged the path of the two kirpans of the Miri and the Piri, so may we walk his path of the double edged sword balancing between the spiritual and the worldly; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Har Rai Ji lived quietly and peacefully yet powerfully showed us the importance of honoring every one of Guru’s Words; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji, laid down the path of healing while tending to the needs of the sick and destitute at even his very tender young age of eight; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji reminds us of our impermanence, “Jaisay Jal Tay Bud Budaa Upajai Binasai Neet, Jag Rachanaa Taisay Rachee Kahu Naanak Sun Meet,” We are all just like the bubbles on the water bubbling up and before we know it we shall all disappear again; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Gobind Singh Ji established the Khalsa Panth and declared, “Khalsa Mayro Satigur Pooraa,” Khalsa is my true perfect Guru and as he further stated, “Haao Khaalsay Ko Khaalsaa Maryo, Ot Pot Saagar Boondayro,” I belong to the Khalsa and the Khalsa belong to me, As the drop of water merges into the ocean, so I am merged with the Khalsa”; and,
  • Whereas, Guru Gobind Singh gave us the precious, timeless and deathless gift of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji so that we can always be in His presence;


There was no separation between Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and just so there can be no separation between Guru and His Sikhs.

The words of Siri Guru Granth Sahib are our wealth, our health, our healing and our love.

The words of the Guru reign supreme in our lives as those words are our total light and our total way and are the solace for every rainy day.

Those whose lives that were lost on August 5th, 2012 at the Oak Creek Gurdwara were instantly blended with the Supreme Light of the One Creator.

Their names shall be remembered and honored Unto Infinity – Satwant Singh Kaleka, Paramjit Kaur, Suveg Singh Khattra, Prakash Singh, Ranjit Singh and Sita Singh.

Our prayers of solace and healing are with the families of those who gave their lives.
We send our prayers for the total recovery of all those injured, Baba Punjab Singh, Santokh Singh, Amarjit Kaur, Jasbir Kaur Dulai, Paramjit Kaur and Lietenant Brian Murphy and that their families may have the strength to carry them through.

The Sikh Sangat of Oak Creek honored the tradition and legacy of the Guru’s by being living examples of the Guru’s teachings in this modern day in the wake of this tragic incident.
The Sikhs of Oak Creek have truly embodied Cherdi Kala in their Triumph over Tragedy. They have, along with the entire Oak Creek Community risen above the darkness and the despair and have risen into the light of kindness, compassion, Dignity, Divinity and Grace. We are all One and the One is in All of us.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the entire Khalsa Panth is proud to stand with you and near you as we are all inspired by your example, commitment and dedication to Cherdi Kala and Sarbat da Bala.


M.S.S. Kirtan Singh Khalsa

On behalf of the entire Sikh Dharma International Community

Oak Creek Courthouse Memorial 2013

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