Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Water is Contained Within the Earth

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Raag Gauri, Third Mehl – Gauree Bairaagan  –  Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 162

Author: Guru Amar Das Ji 

Third Mehl, Gauree Bairaagan:

The clouds pour their rain down upon the earth, but isn’t there water within the earth as well?

Water is contained within the earth; without feet, the clouds run around and let down their rain. II 1 II

O Baba, get rid of your doubts like this.

As you act, so shall you become, and so you shall go and mingle. II 1 II Pause II

As woman or man, what can anyone do?

The many and various forms are always Yours, O Lord; they shall merge again into You. II 2 II

In countless incarnations, I went astray. Now that I have found You, I shall no longer wander.

It is His work; those who are absorbed in the Word of the Guru’s Shabad come to know it well. II 3 II

The Shabad is Yours; You are Yourself. Where is there any doubt?

O Nanak, one whose essence is merged with the Lord’s essence does not have to enter the cycle of reincarnation again. II 4 II 1 II 15 II 35 II

Source: iGurbani 

Guru Amar Das Ji

Guru Amar Das is the third Sikh Guru. He was born in Basarke, India. His father’s name was Tej Bhan Ji and his mother was Mata Lakhmi Ji. His wife was Mata Mansa Devi Ji. They had two sons and two daughters. His sons were Mohan Ji and Mohri Ji and his daughters were Bibi Dani Ji and Bibi Bhani Ji.

By the time that Guru Amar Das become Guru, he was already an old man. He continued to share and expand the teachings of the Gurus. He also had mystical experiences and shared those experiences through song. He composed the Anand Sahib, the Song of Bliss, which is one of the five daily prayers for someone who has taken Amrit. He wrote many other compositions, as well.

Guru Amar Das founded langar, or community meals, in many places. He also trained ministers to support and share the teachings of the Sikh Gurus. During his lifetime, he specially trained and commissioned 52 female ministers and 22 male ministers to go into particular regions and serve. He taught humility, service, dedication, equality, honor and respect to women

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