Prosperity Meditation ~ You Are a Spiritual Being with Unlimited Potential


POSTURE: Sit in Easy Pose.

MUDRA: Bring the thumbs to touch the mound of the Mercury finger (pinkie) and fold the fingers over the thumb to make tight fists.
Bring the forearms parallel to the floor at the Heart Center. Knuckles face each other with a one-inch gap between the hands.

EYE FOCUS: Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose.

MANTRA: Chant HAR 4 times out loud, 4 times in a whisper continuously. Make sure the tongue flicks up to the upper palate.

TIME: 11-21 minutes.


COMMENTS: This meditation contains the ego and allows you to focus on your true identity as a spiritual being with unlimited potential and self-worth. When we put the thumb (ego) at the mound of the Mercury finger, we transform our ego identity through the influence of Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter. This transformation includes mastering expansion (Jupiter), wisdom and patience (Saturn), endurance (Sun) and communication (Mercury) towards our spiritual identity. We use the mantra HAR to bring new opportunities into our life. By creating mastery at the Heart Center, we can transform our passion and heart energy into personal and financial success within our spiritual life. Remember—doing meditations creates the opportunity to change our attitudes towards our world. When you do this meditation for at least 120 days, your subconscious can shift into a larger, more expansive attitude about being prosperous (pro-spirit).


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  1. Thank you. Just what I needed this morning as my mind was trying hard to take over a difficult venture–let me go back to the true source of wisdom and success.

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