Prosperity Meditation ~ Develop Your Cross Reference

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Develop Your Cross-Reference

October 16, 1993

Part One

POSTURE: Come into Easy Pose.

MUDRA: Relax the elbows at your sides with the forearms touching the body. Interlace your fingers and thumbs except for the Jupiter (index) fingers at the solar plexus. The Jupiter fingers are extended together, pointing out from the body. Keep your posture absolutely
solid and straight.

MENTAL FOCUS: Concentrate on your Jupiter finger and mentally project one phrase: “Proper, power and prosperity.” Think prosperity, feel prosperity and meditate on prosperity. Get into a solid state and cut out all other thoughts.

EYE FOCUS: The eyes are closed, looking at the chin through the closed eyes.

MUSIC: Listen, without chanting, to Prosperity by Nirinjan Kaur. The music is to support the meditative concentration.

I know Thou Thee
Guroo Jee.
Give my day prosperity.
Reality, prosperity and ecstasy.

Listen to this track:


TIME: 1 minute to get into a solid state with “Proper, power and prosperity.” 11 minutes
silently meditating with the musical affirmation. 12 minutes total.

TO END: Inhale deeply, hold tight and keep meditating. Circulate your breath like an energy
field. Put your disappointments in it. 20 seconds. Let it go. Inhale deeply again and let the
breath circulate in you, gathering all your disappointments and disillusions. 20 seconds.
And let it go. Inhale deeply and suspend the breath. 10 seconds. Relax.

Part Two

EYES: The eyes are closed.

MUDRA: The arms are parallel to the floor, in front of and not touching the body, elbows out, at the heart level. The left hand is palm down in a fist with the Jupiter (index) finger extended and the other fingers held down with the thumb. Grab the left Jupiter finger
with the right hand making a fist around it. Holding this mudra, start moving the hands like a machine in small, tight forward circles in front of the Heart Center. Make about 6- to 9-inch circles. Move fast—at your maximum speed. Keep going—so fast that you get out
of breath within 3 minutes. Get wild. You’ll be totally exhausted when it finishes. The natural cosmos energy will replace the fatigue—which is the human bind.

TIME: 9 minutes.

TO END: Inhale deeply, suspend the breath and keep moving—this is the most positive moment. Hold the breath and move harder and faster. 15 seconds. Keep moving and exhale completely. Inhale and really move. 10 seconds. Keep moving and exhale. Inhale and hold.
10 seconds. Exhale and move on to the next exercise.

Part Three

MUDRA & MOVEMENT: Without a rest, raise the elbows and arms to the level of the Heart Center. The elbows are bent with the forearms angled slightly. The thumb and fingers of each hand are together and the palms are flat and facing down. Keeping the angle of the arms, move from the shoulders so that the hands alternately cross over and under each other. Start with the left hand above the right. You have to move 120 times per minute—twice a second. Move fast and powerfully. You are creating the control of your magnetic field. Whatever magnetic field you create now is going to live with you as a permanent gain.

EYES: The eyes are closed. The concentration is very unique.

TIME: 4 minutes.

TO END: Inhale deeply and keep moving—harder and faster. Do your best. 15 seconds. Exhale and inhale—keep moving. Don’t stop. 15 seconds. Exhale and inhale—keep moving. 10 seconds. Exhale and inhale—still moving. 10 seconds. Exhale and relax.

COMMENTS: The Jupiter energy in us is the energy that gives us civilization. It helps us understand our life. Jupiter is responsible for our prosperity, our purity and our powerful projection. You are dealing with a simple planet with a simple projection. Your complete
focus makes a difference. Concentrate on your Jupiter finger and feel the phrase: “Proper power and prosperity.”

Sometimes we need to make a conscious effort beyond our belief, beyond our knowledge and beyond our faith to check what we are doing to ourselves. We don’t understand something that is actually very normal. First you have habits. Then the habits are you. If your habits are you, you no longer have your own identity. Know that your habits are not you. Your habits are an experienced way of living. They should not be automatic.

All the greatness is in your body, in your own self. You can’t get it from outside. You have to create it from inside so that you can share with the outside and be popular and healthy and loving.

In the meditation, it’s your own magnetic field that is causing all this pain and the work you are doing is healing you. It’s a self-surgery. Go through the pain and don’t stop.

This healing energy will be with you for a long time. Afterwards, you have to be very careful. That’s why we seldom do this kind of exercise. When you create your own magnetic field, it can react to all other living beings’ psyches. So be careful when you drive, be careful when you walk, be careful when you work, be careful when you open the door. Anything that moves while you move—be a little careful because you are very attractive now.

The original power of a person is not ordinary. Whenever we believe we are ordinary people, it’s not true. We are very extra-ordinary. We all have a unique power, and it will stimulate in you your own uniqueness. It’s not coming from outside. It triggers things that you have never understood or done before.

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  1. I am not clear on how the movement should be in part 3. It seems the movement would naturally come from the elbows. Moving from the shoulders causes the whole upper body to move and difficult to do it fast. Any suggestions?

  2. Did Yogi Bhajan state that this Mudra should be chanted in English as is being done in this set? I always thought all mudra’s/chants were done in Punjabi. Thank you. Carol/Dya Kaur

    • Some chants are in English. Most are in Gurumukhi, which is based in Sanskrit. Gurumukhi is a spiritual language that was created commonality between a number of cultures and religions – at a time when commoners were not allowed to learn Sanskrit. Regardless of the language, each chant creates a particular vibrational energy (or NAAD). The sound is the experience.

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