The Five K’s – Kachhera


The following excerpt adapted from Living Reality by Bhai Sahiba Dr. Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, Page 74-75.

Guru Gobind Singh knew the physical and spiritual anatomy of the human being. The under shorts are worn so that the polarity of the second chakra (sexual, creative center) correlates with the breath through the left and right nostrils and the nostrils’ corresponding nerves, Ida and Pingala, so that the proper balance in the human energy system is maintained. The under shorts were purposefully designed to create a protective air pocket around the genitals and the hips. The small underwear normally worn on that area is just like a fig leaf. Guru Gobind Singh took away the fig leaf and gave us the kachhera.

The kachhera are designed so that when one is walking, it presses on an area called the calcium area. It creates its own air pocket. The contact between the femur and the pelvis, which we know as the hip joint, is the largest area in the entire body where the bones contact a rich bed of capillaries. This is where the calcium balance of the body is maintained. When this area is protected and a constant temperature is kept, the calcium regulation is correct. The kachhera provides the air pocket to give that protection. After tying the knot for the kachhera the first four vertebrae will be in that air pocket. In protection, one enjoys the creative energy in life.

We project the power of the Guru through our Bana. Bana gives us the physical, mental and spiritual projection.

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