Waves of Healing


Tenth Body: Radiant Body

  • The Radiant Body gives spiritual royalty and radiance.
  •  Qualities: Royal courage, creativity, radiance, nobility
  • Key phrase: “All or Nothing”
  • Mastery: courageous and creative regardless of any obstacle or fear; radiates a royal excellence and exceeds all expectations.
  • If weak: avoids conflict, shy; feels ineffective and unable overcome fear; energy levels fluctuate.
  • Key to Balancing: unwavering commitment to spiritual values; keep the hair unshorn, as it governs and energizes the Radiant Body.

Click here for a list of characteristics for all 10 bodies


Another resource for information on the 10 bodies, including the Radiant Body is Waves of Healing: Listening to the Voice of Your Soul by Dr. Siri Atma S. Khalsa

This 240 page book reveals Dr. Siri Atma’s insights on the healing essence of Kundalini Yoga and how being true to yourself plays a crucial role in health and healing. Chapters include: Angles & Triangles, Authentic Healing, The Ten Bodies In-Depth, Serenity, and The Voice of the Soul.  Waves of Healing also contains new Kundalini Yoga kriyas, one for each of the Ten Bodies – published in English for the first time and photographed in full color. There are also Ten Body meditations and quotes by Yogi Bhajan, which makes this a perfect yoga book for teaching courses on The Ten Bodies.

Waves of Healing helps learn how physical illness springs from spiritual imbalance, i.e., the degree to which you have lost touch with the voice of your soul is proportional to the disease, suffering and depression you manifest in your life.  Discover how to balance the Ten Bodies with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, so you can act on the voice of your soul and create waves of healing. Waves of Healing contains beautiful color photographs of Kundalini Yoga kriyas for each of the Ten Bodies.

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