What is the Christmas Spirit?


Excerpt from Gurdwara Lecture in Espanola, NM on January 6, 1990 by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

What is there in a Christmas? A spirit, a gift, each other in the name of spirit. That’s why, Christmas looks good. You call it Christ, Jews call it something else, Sikhs called it Guru Gobind Singh‘s birthday. Everybody gets to that time, when Sun is smaller and night is longer. Man has created something to relate to the light and the spirit. That’s all it is.

I am asking, why cannot we do it all the time? What is the difficulty in us? Why can’t we not figure out, that God is still the owner of this planet Earth. He rotates the Earth, He will take care of the routine.

…Sometimes, little things, small things, means all the things. So, let us start year (1990), with one simple message, let us love ourself in a very small way and let us love everybody all the way. Let us trust little bit, little bit.  I mean, I know you care for friends, you care for your jobs, you care for your children, you care for future. There is not a one item on the menu you do not care, but I just want to tell you,

don’t forget the owner of the whole thing is God Himself, the spirit, the breath of life. Your ego is not your own.

I know sometimes you act very obnoxiously and in most belittling way when it comes to challenge to your ego. Whatever you cannot handle, you handle it very angrily and anger gives you insensitivity and immunes you and cuts you off from the inflow of the Infinity. Anger is not anything but the energy you want to use for your life everyday, you blow it up in one day. And anger is many ways, there is one anger which are very evident, visible in ten minutes, person blow up like a volcano. There are other angers, very subtle; they are most dangerous people. Their anger is inside; they are manipulators, jealous, angry people. Anger has many vicious ways to come and eat up the human being. Because, it’s the life force. It is what they call the devil; it eats up the de-will. It takes away from you your will and competency to be loving, to be sharing, to be trusting, to be understanding, to be flowing.

All that, is gone, because of your… it is called cold anger. You call it, white anger. White anger, is a state of mind in which you are very… Very core of yourself and therefore, because your core of anger with your own spirit and soul, therefore, you pretend that anger, share that anger in everything. And sometimes, it shows up in your work. Sometimes, it shows up in your art…

Each day, your mental action, mental thoughts, shall be manifested in each tomorrow. You perhaps do not know; it is called act of karma. Each day, one negative thought will create a one negative scene tomorrow. Because the cycle of the Earth on the axle is twenty-four hours and psychomagnetic field and psychomagnetic identity must classify within twenty-four hours. And psycho electromagnetic field and psycho electromagnetic identity in project must manifest self in one year. That’s the orbit on which the Earth rotates around the Sun. These are two laws, you can’t change. That’s why the Siri Guru Granth, the word of human wisdom to purify our mind, needs to be in your heart. It should be with you in memory. It should come handy when you freak out, when you blow up your fuse, when you get scared.  Because at that time, as a Sikh, its dangerous you are forgetting the basic fundamental teaching of Sikh Dharma, Angsung Wahe Guru.

It’s very surprising you feel your friends are with you, you feel your wisdom is with you, you feel your intellectual is with you, you feel your intelligence is with you, you feel everything is with you, you feel your children are going to be with you forever. Your home is going to be forever, your water supply is never going to go away, your pipes can never burst. I mean, you feel everything is with you, you never feel that God is with you. You chant, Wahe Guru, that is your Guru Mantra and you never feel it is with you….

 “Do nothing, just to everything, say Wahe Guru. Angsung Wahe Guru, God is within me and with me. Every breath of life, fifteen times per minute come and tell me so and I don’t want to feel it.”

….Once, I was told that in real estate there are three things which work, location, location and location and in prosperity, three things work, security, security, security, because security manifest prosperity. Security manifest the entire manifestation. Because security is the rule of harmony. You have to secure two wheels, so that they can go into absolute harmony. You have to get everything to the pivot, so this, the force can move. And there are no two forces, other than the lens and the lever. Lever moves, which you cannot move, lens see, which you cannot see. And you have all those two powers. The only thing you lack in your life is that you are not secure. A person who is not secure has nothing to do with harmony. Some of you think, that status, the money, the wealth and the friends and the relationship, all that can work it out, my friends it is not true if the axle breaks there is no car yet made which can make to the destination. If your tire burst out, you can go on it.

There are lot of ways, you can maneuver your life, but you have no life you are rather a burden to life when your axle breaks. And every life has a axle. And that is the spirit of God, the breath of life the most important mortal has to see immortality is the axle of life. It will serve us here and hereafter. Stupid person should not think that he is here, to be here. No, we are here, to give the message of heavens. We are here to take with us the goodness into heavens. It’s a journey, my friend through which we are going.

I am very fortunate to be with you and to be in the presence of the Siri Guru Granth and your prayers are virtues. They gave me the extension of life and they gave me to serve you and it will be recorded in the time of the history that when the Golden Temple gates got closed, so did my arteries and so God gave you a chance to do and test your prayer and your prayer brought me from the death back to the life. I am not denying that, my life is because of me or my horoscope tells so and it is not true. The truth is my life each day is because of your prayer and your longing and your love for me and your asking me to be with you. That proves that your prayer works. And that is my personal testimony, that your prayer works. If it works for me, it definitely will work for you. And prayer is the power, believe me. Read my lips, if you have to.

Let us be kind and gentle to the fact of reality God is never going to abandon the planet Earth, therefore, He is not, Creator is not going to abandon the creation and the creatures. Let us start our today, with ecstasy of consciousness and feeling of oneness with God and with each other.

Let us make a resolution, that each day we’ll say goodbye to insecurity little bit and we’ll rely on insecurity, little bit more. And that each day that little bit in a small way shall go all the way, in the end, you will find it is multiplied by three hundred and sixty-five. That many days, are there, but if you are really smart, do it by the hour.If you think you are really smart, do it by the minute. And if you have a real computer consciousness, do it by a second.

Time has come, my friends, to realize what we have come to realize, on the Earth and time has come to realize, heavens are on the Earth and watch my words, trust them not, though you won’t want to. Those who do not realize heavens on the Earth, do not know where heavens are and cycle of eight point four million lifetime is reserve path and many, many, times they go through the cycle for nothing….

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