Human Nature is to Expand

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Our relationship will always be happy, if we keep on expanding.
Touch every heart, bow your head, bless everybody and you shall be blessed.

~Yogi Bhajan (YB Teachings, LLC)

Excerpt from Gurdwara Lecture on January 26, 1992 in Española, NM by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Human nature is to expand.  This is a fact of life. Human nature is to expand and human destiny is to expand.  The only judgment is which way to expand. That’s why in Sikh Dharma, one thing exists very unique than anywhere else. Here, Guru became the disciple and the disciple became the Guru in the same body. Guru Gobind Rai became the disciple and disciple Guru Gobind Rai became Guru Gobind Singh the master. This part, which happened in this religious tradition are something to remember.  It’s unique and is by itself….

…. There is one item that we can’t forget as Sikhs of the Guru that we are by meaning shisya. Sikh means shisya – somebody who wants to learn. So what we have to learn? That we have to learn to live learned.  Where to go to learn?  If we go to the time to learn, it will be harsh; if we go to somebody to learn, then we are carrying somebody’s example. If we follow a model role, then we are following a model role.

In Sikh Dharma Siri Guru Granth is our model role; is our guide; is our Guru; from here to Infinity, Infinity to here and in the Bible what John said, ‘in the beginning there was a word, word was with God and word was God”, that’s true.  We worship the Shabad Guru….

One can share a wisdom.  It is up to other person to take it, or not take it.  But when one wants the guidance, then we have our Guru.  We don’t need a man for that. Let nobody be mistaken on that issue.

Everybody has tried everything and jumped around, but what God does that happens. We have a disillusion, because we are in a habit to survive and play our games, we think we did it. No that is not true. Bad and good, they all belong to God. There is nothing bad and good, thinking make it so.

‘Bhaley burey hum tharey Prabhji, bhaley burey hum tharey.’

Bad and good, we all belong to you, Oh God.

If we understand this theory, and we act that way, then there is no good and bad.  We will not perform anything, or act and react in anyway, which is bad and good.

Now, it’s a matter to live in this Age of Aquarius. When the ages changes, people normally fizzle out, freak out, frustrate, react; not against anybody, but against themself. This is a time to consciously match up with your identity. This is the time to go inside you and find it out what you want and then reinforce that is what you want.

There are two ways you can go.  One is find out what you want and play your game, to get what you want. No objection to that. Or find out what you want and be patient and ask for the hand of God to guide you and get what you want. That is your choice.  That is your freewill.  You can choose the way you want it….

…..I am going on a record that we are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh. As Guru Gobind Rai is a perfect Guru, if he can humble himself to become a disciple and then take the Amrit and then become Guru Gobind Singh it is not that we have not to learn. Learning is a part of Sikhism.  But learning is a part Sikhism, but this is not total Sikhism. The part of Sikhism is to learn and live learned and that is still a part of Sikhism but not complete of it.  The real Sikhism is to learn, live learned and Vand Chako.  Then experience your learned experience with others with utmost grace and humility. And all in English, American English is come to this,

Every American Sikh has to be a practical high vitality, high faculty forklift for every other human being. And they have to go down in, lift them up, put them on the trail and if time permits, push them going.

And that is the Age of Aquarius. We who come from the Woodstock Nation; we who come from America’s most beautiful evolution of twenty million people; we who survived and time let us survive and space give us a space; and we on a longitude and latitude of this planet Earth where we are,  have a responsibility now to start moving in this age with utmost caution, with utmost grace and

Just learn forklift. Go down in humility and grace, lift another person up, put him on the trail and keep him moving. If you can walk along for a while, you will be very fatherly. If you can walk by the side, you will be very friendly.  If you stand behind and keep prayer, you will be divine.

…and I am telling you a promissory note; a warranty.  If you leave your own nonsense on the side and let it slide by, God will come through to take care of you anywhere. Where there is no ego, there is a God. Where there is an ego, there is a sweat and I can bet on it. If you want to carry on in the Age of Aquarius with your personality, your ego and your games, you will consume all the energy given by God in a wasteful manner…

But if under the normal circumstances, you make it a point to shape up and understand the message of the Age of Aquarius and the Sikh of the Guru and clean your house and your progressions and understand the regression of yours and others and put a very calculus calculated effect and go out and forklift people with dignity, with grace leaving your all games and your neurosis on the side, hand of God shall come through. And we will have peace, tranquility, prosperity will come in as in lieu of that.

This promise of the Age of Aquarius is for everybody. The message is in the Piscean age, ‘help me I want to know’, in the Age of Aquarius is ‘I know I can help you to be’. The cycle has reversed; the psyche has reversed and the life has to be accordingly……I hope this Sangat here shall take the lead.  I hope you will communicate to all friends and foes equally. I hope your attitude of behavior in gratitude to God shall be to act as a forklift; go deep into the dirt; carry the load of others; put them on the trail; make them move. I said so, that if you keep going with them, in front guiding, you will be very beautiful, fatherly.  And if you side by side move, you will be friendly; if you sit behind and pray, you will be divine. It is gracious act.

…Please remember the most beautiful verse in the Bible ‘I shall not come this way again.’ So whenever you pass and your psyche is interlocked and impressing, do it all the good there and then don’t wait for tomorrow. Anybody who wait for tomorrow, will face the sorrow.  Just be good, do good and all good shall come to you and do it wherever you are, whatever you are. Don’t worry about yourself. If you worry for others and keep them going, God shall keep you going…

….This turban you tie on your head, forget about the medical situation, that it adjusts your cranial adjustment and you look good whole day and all that.  That’s a sale talk.  But you Americans and Canadians and Europeans, who tie this turban on your head, represent nineteen million people who laid their life to bring this evolution. They were all young; they were beautiful; they were rich; they OD’d (overdosed), because they were helpless. Their dead bodies may still remind you and their soul may still call on you, that when you tie the turban, each fiber length and breath in this turban represents them. And you are honoring them and crowning yourself. This is the time not to be hippies and yuppies and yoyos and yayas this is the time to be happy and make all we come in touch happy. That’s the only message Guru wanted and Guru’s message is very clean for all and equal.

‘Nanak Nam Cherdi Kala’

Nanak, in the name of the grace of God and Thyself, I shall have a very exalted and elevated being in me and in Thy grace, oh Nanak, I’ll do good to all.

Nanak in Thy grace oh God and in Thy ecstasy I shall have very exalted self in me and through that exalted self, I’ll do good and extremely good to all, all the time and that begins with that line that you’ve got to start seeing God in all, all the time.

If you can’t see it and you don’t have even energy to open your eyes, FEEL IT.

If you have no feeling left, THINK IT.

If you have no thought left and no energy for thought, BE IT.

and that’s the Sikh way of life.

It is my prayer and my hope, you will take all this to heart and start this new age with new zeal and with new perspective. And let us serve, so that we can deserve to be the Sikh of the Guru. Just serve to deserve to be the Sikh of the Guru and God and Guru shall come through.

With blessing and prayers. ‘Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh’



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