Why I Tithe

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I tithe as an investment in my own divinity. I invest in the Divine so that the Divine will invest in me. When I know I’m supposed to do something, I just do it if at all possible, no questions asked. No soul searching. So it always surprises me when devout people say they don’t tithe because they want to know where their money is going. My friends, it’s going to You.

Tithing is simple, but it’s not small. It’s a statement in cold cash that all things come from God and all things go to God. It’s a statement that the Divine really is our Reality. It’s a statement that we put our money where our mouth is. It’s a statement that God really will provide. Does it work? Yes. Not instantly…usually. But yes.

So here’s a quick account of how it’s worked for me. I’m a writer/housewife married to a non-Sikh who doesn’t tithe. Way back in the late 1980s, I asked my husband to give me a small allowance. My ulterior motive was to tithe for both of us. Since then I have always tithed at least 20% of any monies I receive. The extra ten percent is to cover my husband symbolically.

I have given some of the details of what we’ve received since that time in assorted Dasvandh testimonials. At the beginning of the Recession, while real estate prices were starting to tank, my husband was able to retire and we were able to sell our old house. The price we received was exactly what we needed to cover a new home in a new location.

When I was moved to start an interfaith organization after the 9/11 attacks, not only did many people respond to the call for help, but a local peace group offered us start-up money. And that’s how it is: everything’s covered. Things don’t always show up when I want or how I want, but what I need is covered.

None of this even touches the lightness of heart, the upwelling of joy, the vastness of consciousness. Yes, part of that is a regular spiritual practice and a deep devotion to the Guru. But part of it is tithing. Without question.

~ By Sat Kirpal Kaur Khalsa
June 13, 2014

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