Woman Within Woman Part 2: The Power is in Giving


Excerpts from a lecture given on July 11, 1997

by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

The power is not in taking; the power is in giving. And a woman who has the power to give is the richest woman.

I will tell you a very practical story. Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady.  A beggar came to the door and said, “In the Name of God, can I be fed.” So she went in and brought food. That was the food she had saved for her husband and child. Yet, she gave it to him. There was nothing left.

But she said, “Now I ask in the Name of God to be fed.” Half an hour later, some relatives came with a lot of ladhoo, burfee, and other food. She said, “What is this?”

They said, “Well, we have engaged our son, so we were distributing these sweets for him, and you are a relative. What happened – you never came?” She didn’t go because she was poor and she didn’t know what to do. So they brought over lots of food.

She said, “Oh, God, now my husband and my son can eat—it’s all right.” Two hours later a big platoon of sadhus came. And they said, “We are all hungry.”

There it goes again. She put all the food before them and they finished it to the last plate. Then they left.

But again she said, “It’s God’s Will.” She remembered when Guru Naanak had those sixteen rupees and he fed the sadhus. When he returned home, his father slapped him across the face and said “You lost our money.”

Anyway, she was very happy and content with whatever would happen next. Meanwhile, she heard her husband calling her from a distance, “Hey, come on, come on.” She came. He said, “Help me to take this down safely.” She helped him. Their child was also on his back.

She said, “What’s in it?”

He said, “Just open it. You will see.” It was a basket full of gold coins, and it was very hard for him to carry. She said, “Where did you get this?”

He said, “From the king.”

She said, “Wait a minute. Which king gave you this big basket of gold? What are you talking about?”

He said, “Oh, I went to the jungle to bring wood.” He was a woodcutter. “And I would have sold the wood, but the king came there and he was very miserable. He sat down—he was very upset.”

“The king said, ‘I am so impulsive, so upset, so angry I don’t know what to do.’

“So I told him, ‘Take my axe and cut the tree. You will be fine.’ So he cut two or three trees for me and he was very relaxed.”

“Then he said, ‘Come with me to the palace.’ I went there and he gave this damn bag to me, and put it on my head. He said, ‘Go. We’ll meet tomorrow.”

She was very happy that she has gotten all this gold, and she could feed her husband. She said, “Darling, do you want to eat?

He said, “Eat? Eat? I was sitting at the table with him. I ate.” Then he put his hand in the bag, and brought out some food for her. He said, “I’ve not forgotten you.”

We are so insincere and so blind. We don’t believe that the Hand of God which can rotate the Earth can take care of us. We don’t.

It is very funny. Somebody asked for a raise. I said, “Raise the kundalini.” Actually, it may look like a joke, but I was very sincere. It was the first time I was sincere in my life. But then I realized it may not be taken in the spirit I meant it. I said, “Okay, give some raise. It doesn’t matter.”

But if you want a raise and you raise your kundalini, you will never ask for a raise. God will give you such a rise, such abundance, such power that you can never believe it.

Do something in your life which time cannot take away. Don’t live as a common, ordinary person.

Woman Within Woman Part 1: Applied Identity

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