Your Miracle Mantra Moment: Personal Experiences

One Wednesday a month, Pritpal Singh hosts “Your Miracle Mantra Moment,”  leading the global community in 11 minutes of live chanting of the Shabad ‘Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur’, followed by a discussion of different aspects of the Shabad and its history. This program is part of  “Dharma Dive Live,” a weekly livestream program hosted by Sikh Dharma International every Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST on Facebook Live  and YouTube Live.

Here some of the participants share about their Miracle Mantra Moments.  Wahe Guru!

“So helpful for me in every way . . . I think you saved me today . . . have been meditating with mantra every day and consequently have begun a tremendous purging of trauma and negativity so badly in need of a friend . . . you were that friend.” – Frances Sibbitt

“I am a Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I came to the program because I am not a Sikh, but I wanted a deeper understanding of the Shabd Guru and to explore the Sikh path more deeply. As a mantra/Shabd teacher, I also wanted a place that I could ask questions and obtain informed and authentic answers. There is an embodiment coming forth in Pritpal’s teachings. This integrity is a true touchstone for me. I can trust that the information given is correct and that what is coming through is of the highest frequency. I’m deeply grateful for this and for all the Sikh Dharma programs offered.” – Avtar Deva Kaur

“I’d been attending the previous Facebook program with Pritpal Singh and love to sing kirtan in and connect to the sangat. Even though we’re online, I can feel the vibration. I love the Miracle Mantra Moment. The way Pritpal presents it is from his heart, very calm and open. He has so much experience, which he shares freely. It’s evening time here when the program is being broadcasted, so a wonderful way for me to wind down the day and create a blissful evening.” – Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

“The Miracle Mantra Moment on Facebook was such a precious moment to connect with the Divine and helped me understand that I need the Divine to let things go out of my control. It accompanied me during my pregnancy, and it was a delightful relaxing meditation moment during my weeks in isolation, due to the pandemic. I will be forever grateful to Pritpal Singh and Sikh Dharma International.” – Sat Kriya Kaur (Ecuador)

“The Miracle Mantra Moment program and other sessions and initiatives by Sikh Dharma International have been a great blessing during these changing and challenging times. Bhai Pritpal Singh has been a great source of inspiration for myself and I have actively tried in finding time to meditate more and read more from Gurbani (participating in the global Sahej Path and other activities). Early on when the miracle mantra sessions started, I was feeling isolated and in need of Sangat. Through the live programme I was able to experience Sangat and connect with the Guru. It has been a lifeline.” – Pav Singh

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