Aquarian Sevadars

Throughout 2020, we featured members of our global Sangat, who we identified as “Aquarian Sevadars”, because of their selfless service to their communities. Read below to find out more about them and the work they are doing.

Abhaidev Kaur –  Founder of the Amar Das Foundation (Chile)

The Amar Das Foundation provides homemade and blessed vegetarian meals to the homeless in downtown Santiago, Chile. They have already served over 10,000 meals!

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Ram Krishan Singh – Former Director of the Seva Sadhana Program (U.S.A.)

The Seva Sadhana Program offers a healthy, happy, holy experience in an immersive environment. Due to COVID-19 the Seva Sadhana Program is closed and not currently accepting new applications.

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Charansev Kaur – Founder of Langar Guru Ram Das Ashram (Chile) 

Langar Chile gathers every Wednesday and cooks vegetarian burgers with love, and then gives them to homeless people, or people who work on the streets Viña del Mar.

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Supinderjit Singh – Founder of the U Foundation (Canada) 

The U Foundation has four projects: Langar for Hunger – meal prepping in shelters across the city; providing hot drinks and food; and care package distribution on a regular basis; SoxBox Campaign – call to the community to donate socks for men, women, youth and children, to be delivered at local shelters; Achint Universe Project – free seminars to promote understanding of mental health care and Community Outreach – gathering volunteers to help during and after natural disasters, providing these communities with food and hard working hands to help repair damages.

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Paramsahej Singh – Founder of the I Am Foundation (Chile) 

I Am Foundation works with addiction rehabilitation centers by offering Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops and therapeutic programs as well as trainings in the use of Kundalini Yoga as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of addiction. They have 20 implemented programs in Chile, and a few controlled experiences abroad.

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Simrat Kaur – Founder of Medicna da Consciencia and CURASER (Brazil) 

 Medicna da Consciencia translated as the “medicine of awareness” has the goal of bringing consciousness to people.  This project brings together a lot of tools to use for self healing, and disseminates these teachings in Rio de Janeiro – including Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. CURASER, which means, “healing self,” brings the social arm to Medicna da Consciencia’s efforts and work with the homeless. 

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Chand Kirpal Kaur – Founder of Langar Caracas (Venezuela) 

Langar Caracas serves free vegetarian meals. They started distributing vegetarian food during the social crisis in Venezuela, and after seeing the positive response from those who received the food, decided to continue. They currently distribute food once a month at sites including hospitals. 

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Simranjeet Singh – Teaching Kundalini Yoga in Prison Programs (Brazil) 

Simranjeet Singh coordinate a team of teachers primarily based in Belo Horizonte that offer Kundalini Yoga classes in a prison for teenagers (integrating into the socio-educational system). Classes are prepared based on the technical wisdom of Kundalini Yoga, joining with the discussions and practical analysis of Humanology, which is based on Sikh Dharma values.

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Arjan Jot Kaur – Teaching Kundalini Yoga in Prison Programs (Brazil) 

Arjan Jot Kaur conducts Kundalini Yoga classes for female teenagers who are arrested and experience a measure of restriction of freedom for committing crimes. She works with other fellow teachers in this Seva.

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Kartar Sangat Singh – Teaching Kundalini Yoga in Prison Programs (Brazil) 

Kartar Sangat Singh teaches programs in Brazilian prisons for female teenagers and male adults (20-34 year-olds). He runs Kundalini Yoga programs in these locations once a week. The classes focus on areas including  self-esteem, intuition, the nervous system and glandular system, and other areas. His team also offered a gatka program at the male prison program.

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Sonny Kakar – Founder of SevaTruck (U.S.A.) 

SevaTruck Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing hunger in our communities by serving hot, nutritious meals to anyone in need. SevaTruck is a fully licensed food truck with a commercially integrated kitchen. They serve free nutritionally-balanced vegetarian meals when and wherever needed at sites throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

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Harisimran Kaur and Davinder Singh – Founders of Duwara Consciousness Foundation

Duwara Consciousness Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the goal of service to all. They provide accessible and nutritious vegetarian food to those in need with their mobile food trailer. They also provide access to hygiene services (showers and laundry) to those in need with their mobile shower trailer. Their ultimate goal is to create a sanctuary community in San Diego County that offers transitional housing, food, showers, friendly atmosphere and job training.

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