Mother Earth Warriors

Throughout 2020, we featured members of our community, who we identified as Mother Earth Warriors because of their efforts to make a positive impact on planet Earth.  Read below to find out more about them, the work they are doing and tips they shared for how we all can better serve Mother Earth.

Sham Kaur Khalsa –  La Paz, Bolivia 

“The climate emergency is real and won’t stop until we completely change our way of living. We have eight years before our climate system collapses, and we are already seeing it happening.”

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Sat Sansar Singh Khalsa – Chile

“It is time to act. Even a small change in behavior can do a lot for the environment. If we want to change the trend and continue having Mother Earth as a beautiful home, we need to be all on the same boat.”

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Rampal Kaur – Chile

“I think we should take the climate and social crisis that we are experiencing as a humanity as a great opportunity for positive transformation from all points of view.”

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Snatam Kaur Khalsa – New Hampshire, U.S.A. 

“I often ask myself that question, if Guru Nanak was here, if Guru Gobind Singh were here, what would they be saying? What would they be teaching us? And I just feel like they would be saying look at the earth and this environment and please start taking care of her. I truly believe in the power of Gurbani Kirtan to shift our consciousness and bring us back into connection again with the earth.”

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Saraswati Kaur Khalsa – New Mexico, U.S.A. 

“It takes tremendous courage to engage with this. You can either be paralyzed by the fear or fight it. This is an emergency. And if we act like it’s an emergency, we change our routine – we go out when we don’t feel like it, we speak out when it’s uncomfortable, we speak out in public even when it makes us cry. All of those things are necessary.”

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Sangeet Devraj Kaur – Wyoming, U.S.A. 

“I’ve always been an advocate for saving creatures – when you pull out one thread of the ecosystem, the rug starts to unravel quickly. When we’re losing biodiversity in nature, things can fall apart fast – clean air and clean water come next.”

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Ram Krishan Singh – New Mexico, U.S.A. 

“For me personally, I take it as my challenge – every day I ask myself: can I not create a bunch of waste today? Can I minimize what I am putting into the garbage? It is about going from individual to collective consciousness and living from that place.”

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Guruka Singh Khalsa – New Mexico, U.S.A. 

“How’s your relationship with your mother? Do we really feel this feeling with earth as the relationship with mother and child? It requires some conscious tuning in to feel this relationship in our hearts.” 

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Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa – Canada 

A radical culture shift needs to take place, and we need to question every tactic and every strategy.  We need to question our leaders and we need to question ourselves relentlessly, until we find a way to slow down, and eventually to reverse, global warming. ” 

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (from the New York Times) 

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