Video: Home Kirtan Chat with Mardana

Pritpal Singh hosted our 17th HomeKirtan & Chat Live Video Program on December 23 with special guests Mardana from Germany. Video includes live kirtan, stories and discussion with the artists!



About the Artists

Mardana is a spiritual music band from Germany. With Mardana, the three artists Sat Karam Kaur (Harmonium, Keyboards, Vocals), Guru Surya Singh (Tabla, Percussions, Vocals) and Gurbasant Singh (Guitars, Vocals) have created a musical project in which they enrobe shabads, spiritual songs and Kundalini Yoga Mantras in a virtuoso musical vestment with great variety.

The compositions, mostly sung in Gurmukhi, an ancient language that evolved from Sanskrit, are enriched with spiritual english songs and create an entrancing blend of western and traditional sounds.

The special attention of the trio lies in the multifold vocal settings, enhancing the character as a band, and finding unique expression in the choirs of many of their pieces. Mardana has a fantastic groove: capturing beats and invigorating rhythms are their speciality, yet as important as calm pieces and soothing ballads or an etheric chant which invites you to search for infinity.

Visit Mardana’s website to find out more 

Home Kirtan & Chat with Pritpal Singh – Live Monthly Program on YouTube and Facebook Wednesdays at 3 p.m. (EST) 

In these unprecedented times of isolation and quarantine around the world, connection with each other and global sangat feels more important than ever before. Sikh Dharma International is offering this new weekly program –  Home Kirtan & Chat with Pritpal Singh – to offer comfort, connection and upliftment during these times.

We will offer an interactive live video session every Friday at 3 p.m. (EST) on Facebook livestream, Pritpal Singh will bring on a different guest musician to play a shabad with special relevance for these times, and then to chat about it. There will also be time for audience interaction and Q&A!

You are invited to participate in this interactive live Shabad Guru program. We hope it will nourish your soul during these challenging times.

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