Faith and Doubt

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“Faith and doubt, faith and doubt.” These words are ringing in my ears from a conversation that came up in a meeting yesterday morning. “It’s all about faith and doubt. And it’s either one or the other, there is absolutely no in between here, no room for any kind of in-between at all.” This all said in a typical tell-it-like-it-is fashion, with no room for ifs, ands or buts.

It would be easy for me to take affront at someone else so sure about “me”; equally as easy for me to spew out an array of “buts”; and I almost opened my mouth to start, when I had to realize the innate truth, the sheer profundity of this. How simple is that? There is absolutely no in-between, either you doubt or you trust.

God provided me with an immediate testing ground – a situation popped up, where I could have started being concerned, started doubting, started wondering how “I” was going to manage, and instead I took those words still ringing brightly in my ears, crossed out doubt from my options and said, “OK, God, it’s all yours.” Within 4 hours it was done. No kidding.

There is no room for doubt in our lives, in this age. When we are confronted with the choice, we must take action. Faith is action, where doubt is dormant and static. Doubt is a question. Faith is an assumption. Faith is the assumption that the Universe will take care. It is the assumption which causes the effect.

Today I am tripling my tithe to Dasvandh. If God tells me to give, then God will surely provide the means. I will not quake or wonder how this bill or that bill will be paid, I will not question how we will get by, I simply envelope myself in the gentle, loving and abundant arms of the Universe and allow myself to be taken care of.

May God bless each and every one of us with the knowledge that the bounty of the Universe belongs to us all.

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