Fateh for Life (Victory for Life)


Sikh Dharma International’s Fateh for Life (Victory for Life) mentorship program is launching its first component this coming spring of 2015. We are partnering with Miri Piri Academy to send 4 students and 1 chaperone to participate in The 3rd Great Asian Tour on Kundalini Yoga for Health, Happiness and Harmony which will travel to China, Mongolia and Japan.

These young people will travel with Gurubachan Singh as ambassadors of Miri Piri Academy to share their personal experience of yoga, meditation and gatka.  Through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, they will touch the hearts and souls of thousands of people.

This tour is pure seva (service).  It does not make a profit.  Funding is needed for these ambassadors to participate.  Please consider supporting our young people to join in this beautiful experience by donating to our youth engagement fund today!

Future plans for the Fateh for Life Program include working with the Mujer de Luz Foundation, Miri Piri School of Brazil and the Lord of Miracles Tour…. Stay tuned… we will keep you posted!

Blessings to All

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