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This article is shared courtesy of 3H0 and was written by Guruka Singh

Whatever you may own here on this Earth, billions of dollars, many houses, everything—you still remain with nothing if you do not live in the Infinity within the shell of your finite self.

The realm of the sensory human lies beyond the mind. It is the realm of awakened sensitivity and spontaneous action.

Guru Nanak lived as a perfect example of a sensory human. Everywhere he went he simply tuned in to the places and people there and spontaneously sang the very words that people needed to hear at that moment.

For example, one day, upon being offered hashish, the Guru, much amused, sang the following hymn:

“My hemp is Love, my heart its pouch. O Infinite One, I am mad for You; the world does not entice me.

My own hands cupped in prayer are my bowl, I fill it with the vision of Infinity.”


How was he able to do this? By living as an awakened sensory human.

In his poem, Japji Sahib, he describes this state of having an awakened sensory system as “listening.” Listening is a state of being. It is a state in which we are fully awake and tuned in to the myriad of sensory input so that we spontaneously act in harmony with the very flow of life in each moment.

It is through our daily meditation that we can balance the earth within us with the etheric energy and live with our heads in the stars and still keep our feet on the ground (and remember our Zip code.)


“Listening… saints, heroes, masters.

Listening… the earth, the power, the ethers.

Listening… high and low realms, oceans of light.

Listening… beyond time.

O Nanak! In love with the One we bloom forever.

Listening destroys all pain and error.


“Listening… men become gods.

Listening… praise comes from the mouth of the most negative person.

Listening… the way of yoga and the body’s secrets.

Listening… all holy books and scriptures.

O Nanak! In love with the One we bloom forever.

Listening destroys all pain and error.


“Listening… deep oceans of grace.

Listening… kings, emperors, saints.

Listening… blind ones find the path.

Listening… the unknown is known.

O Nanak! In love with the One we bloom forever.

Listening destroys all pain and error.”

– Japji Sahib


“Japji Sahib is the very first composition in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and is a fundamental description of God’s nature and the nature of man and the Universe. Each pauri (stanza) addresses different aspects of the relationship between man and God and each has a specific power and gift that come with it. The particular power of each pauri lies in the combination of sounds which create the chemical and magnetic change in and around the being who recites it.” – Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

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