Head of a Saint, Heart of a Soldier (Excerpt)


Siri Singh Sahib Ji

“Light of the Shabad Guru Series”

February 18, 1990
Guru Ram Das Ashram Gurdwara, Los Angeles, CA

In this lecture entitled, “Head of a Saint, Heart of a Soldier,” the Siri Singh Sahib discusses the nature of a Sikh. He says:
“Hope is a virtue of the man, it walks on two things: courage and compassion. Hope is the virtue of the Sikhs, it is engrained into our genes….we bow at the Harimandir, the temple of God, but at the very gate of it there is the Akal Takht, the throne of the Infinite. It is the life of a saint and of a soldier. Actually, what we need is the head of a saint and the heart of a soldier. Our mind must be pure and compassionate, our behavior courageous and fearless.”

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