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Conviction and Convention

Siri Singh Sahib Ji March 22, 1992 "Light of the Shabad Guru Series" Guru Ram Das Ashram Gurdwara, Los Angeles, CA, USA In the lecture entitled, "Conviction and Convention," the Siri Singh Sahib explains the difference between living by convention versus living by conviction. When one lives by convention, one follows the

Communicate the Nobility

A lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on August 20, 1989 at Siri Singhasan e Khalsa Gurdwara, Espanola, NM, USA Lecture:  "Communicate the Nobility", part of the "Light of the Shabad Guru" series In this video , the Siri Singh Sahib explores human communication.   Among many of the fascinating points he makes,