How Guru Nanak Helps Me See and Feel God in the Moment

I’m a doctor, a healer, and blogger, which helps me be really-really good at seeing and feeling. I’ve always related to Guru Nanak because he just saw God. He felt God in every tree, in every bird, in every human being. He didn’t see the physical form that was in front of him, only the spirit that lives in all of us….the Sat Nam of All…the Truth that lives in all of us.

That’s how I live my life, or try to anyway. I feel deeply. I’m not looking at the clothes people are wearing to then decide if or how I should love them. I don’t look at the color of someone’s skin and judge their story. I don’t rely on religious outerwear to determine whether someone is actually a spiritual being. I don’t care if you only finished the 5th grade or have a PhD.

All of these things are just man-made, made-up ‘containers’ that can lead to outward judgments and criticisms about how we ‘should’ be interfacing with people in the world.

Today we have the ability to connect with thousands and even MILLIONS of people almost instantaneously, it seems so easy to judge a situation based on what we see or read in that captured moment. This ‘feeling’ that I mentioned earlier, is what Guru Nanak taught us. Actually seeing and feeling the God in the moment, the Wahe Guru in each captured moment. Whether we’re in front of someone or hearing a recount of a situation, or a moment frozen in time on social media…

…if we can go back to Guru Nanak’s teaching of ‘Ek Ong Kar’… there is One God and Sat Nam, Truth is All Encompassing, we can step back and look at each situation and feel, with our hearts and our souls whether this act contains the Truth.

This time in which we live is probably THE most important time, in which we want to embody the teachings of Guru Nanak. To truly see God in the other person, to truly find God in every situation and pour the love of your heart into each situation and each person.

There is massive amounts of suffering on the planet. If we want to be that change, Guru Nanak gives us that permission. That permission to meet and see and feel that person right in front of us with curiosity, innocence and love. Not what we think they ‘should’ be according to our own personal rules for life, but what their soul is crying out for.
God comes in so many different forms to us, and it’s not always what we think God should look like. We, as Khalsa, as Sikhs, have to dig deep into our hearts and love ourselves, love our families, and love our communities and world with that love and wisdom that Guru Nanak shared while he traveled all over. He found the poorest of the poor, the down-trodden, the richest of the rich, the most spiritual of the spiritual and sat down on the dirt floors with all of them and listened and felt the inner-most workings of their hearts. And that, my friends, is what made all of those changes that we read about. Sharing the love, sharing our attention, our hearts, our listening. This is what will change the world. This is what will bring us to peace and this is what will create true change and true healing.

Guru Nanak’s words, his life, his love. It’s still alive in all of us and it’s meant to be shared with the world. 

This story is courtesy of Sikhnet

About the Author ~ Dr Arjan Kaur Khalsa
Doctor of Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy, Kinesiology, Lifestyle Coaching. Mother of two Kids. Wife of SikhNet Founder, Gurumustuk Singh. I have made it my life’s work to inspire people with tools and techniques to help heal and balance their bodies. My purpose is to help people find their inner balance and to listen to your inherent wisdom to find what will restore and rejuvenate YOU.

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