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Video: Llap Lli Sahib – La Canción del Alma   Este video es del Curso de Llap Lli Sahib realizado en Virginia, USA en Marzo del 2006. Fue liderado por Ek Ong Kaar Kaur y algunos otros del sangat local en Virginia. Este video es la introducción de Ek Ong Kar Kaur al principio del curso. Ella
Inner Melody series. Arrangement of colorful human and musical shapes on the subject of spirituality of music and performing arts

Guru Nanak and Brahmans

Guru Nanak travelled everywhere with his faithful companion Mardana. One day he made his way to a sacred place called Hariduar, which means “God’s Gate.” This place, where three holy rivers join together was said to have been blessed by the gods, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. Huge crowds of people gathered there.
Guru Nanak and Brahmans story