The Human Spirit Lives


Excerpts of lectures from Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, speaking about the Radiant Body

Basically human spirit lives. It lives like God. Basically nobody can exist without a Radiant Body and that’s all God. But fundamentally, we only know how to cater to our physical body. The entire problem between a person of knowledge and person of no knowledge is, person of knowledge knows that he has lot of bodies and it is the combination of all the ten bodies which keeps him alive, keeps him living, keeps him projecting, keeps him working, keeps him succeeding, keeps him failing, keeps him… Everything you want to relate to. But a person of ego is limited. He wants to feel. The feeling only he can feel is the physical body. Therefore people who only relate to physical success are basically very self-defeating people.  Excerpted from this lecture

Spiritual teacher is not concerned what you give him or you take away from him.  All he is concerned is, you survive in your spiritual psyche. He is not concerned how useful and useless you are.  He is concerned that your orbit psyche of your Radiant Body should not be broken. Your faith may not be lost…

Give us the strength, oh Lord to walk and guide our way to our destiny. Give us the strength, oh Lord.  Make us to understand the gift of life. Give us the strength, oh Lord to make us understand the peace and tranquility and the beauty of that harmony within us. Give us the strength to see our own Radiant Body and see the brightness and the shine and bountifulness of it. Give us the strength, oh Lord, and heal us from our laziness, our covetousness and our lies through which we are damaging our own most beautiful, bountiful self-existence. Give us the chance to live in peace, propagate it and share it with all and may we dwell in peace and tranquility to spread Thy Grace. Sat Nam.  Excerpted from this lecture

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