An Angular Side of a Diagonal Approach to the Essence of the Soul


Gurdwara Lecture on July 26, 1998 in Espanola, NM, USA by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh”

It is an auspicious thing in which in comparative study of all religions, Sikh Dharma took an angular side of a diagonal approach to the essence of the soul and understand of the human. It separated dharam and karam absolutely and it did it in such a simple authentic way that even the most illiterate can understand it, so it doesn’t require somebody to be Ph.D. and be a scholar of everything to understand this little thing.

The complication of this thing karam and dharam was created by the Brahmin.  He created in a essence a karam and engulf it with dharam. So actually it was a personal majority essence of spiritual projection through which many, many million people became the slave of that religion.  It was that slavery which gave us dissatisfaction and ambiguity and non-truthful practice of the religion. That’s why religion could not create God like people.  It could only create human controlled for the sake of state like a…In America we have a list, so if we have to give somebody consumer list, we can some money out of it. So a religious priest in the old times become like that and he will deliver the dharma in the name of the karma of the state and put it together for his benefits. A priest has been corrupt, is corrupt and shall continue to be corrupt because he lives off those who he has to straighten out. Now how you can straighten out somebody of which you live off?

The real master is that who provides.

….So what Guru did was the great idea he gave an ordinary man an excellence path, we call it Sikh Dharma. Not Sikh karma, not rituals, but reality with reverence. Because reverence, reverence only comes to your mind then you want two things either you want to be blessed or you are blessed. Reverence doesn’t belong to anybody else. Everything is accountancy. You owe me thirty dollars, I owe you twenty-five dollars, you can benefit me, I can benefit you should buy cheap, sell high, you call it a profit. But those profit who come on this Earth they did not do that kind of deal. They stood strong with their own self and with their inner self, and with a total self and there was profits for that one who created them. Creature cannot find the Creator so long he is messed up in this zig-zag of creation. That is why Guru gave us fourteen hundred and thirty pages of a living Guru, shabad, suksham, subtle. There is no personality involved. There is no personality to be worshiped, there is nothing absolutely and entire wisdom is analytically organized in such a permutation and combination when you have reverence to it, you have reference to it and when this reference come to you handy, doesn’t matter in which fault you are, how much default is there, how much pit in the mud you are, you will be out. Why? Cosmonologically if the micro, micro cell and the atomic cell in the micro cell and molecule cell in the micro cell into managed to be in the management of where it is micro every step. Then the macro comes to his help and take it aloud, loud changes the entire structure between Earth and heavens. I am not telling you something, which I have not experienced, I know it, it happened and that is what it is. You may not have confidence. Sehasa, sehasa means duality.  Sehasa the duality doesn’t go, personality doesn’t shine, ability doesn’t show if there is a duality. Where there is a duality, there will never be a reality.  Where there is a reality, there will be no duality. That’s why we are called Sikhs. Students of that reality, that understanding and Guru is our guide. Guru is guide, I have not seen Guru Nanak never I shook hand with him, never I fought in the forces of Guru Gobind Singh. But I am a Sikh and I know my Guru. As alive as they could be then and now because they leave for me a guiding wisdom and Guru Gobind Singh just when said, Khalsa mera roop hey kaas, that ended the psychological, sociological, and personal environments into oneness. You are me for tomorrow and tomorrow should not have any sorrow. Sikh who remains as a Sikh should never be a Sikh. He has to learn to become a Guru and we practically became so strong and so dedicated, gracious, marvelous that Guru Gobind Rai who gave us the Amrit, we baptized him.  So the merger was complete. And Guru Gobind Singh, not for any pressure or event gave the Guruship to Siri Guru Granth and as his Guru Guru Nanak’s Guru was Shabad Guru and exactly in the end we have given to be with the Shabad Guru.

In the centuries to come nine hundred sixty million we shall be.  Our woman and man will not fight for equal rights.  They shall be equal excellence. Our Bana, Bani, our seva Simran will exalt us through every odd.  We will be virtuous and actually to be very frank sharing with you we are very virtuous and where there is no virtue there is no victory. The pain is a complaint, no compliment, everything is pale, there is no brightness. You eat, you can’t digest you sleep, you can’t sleep, you walk, you cannot walk. Life is not meant for crawling and either you are physically crawling or you are mentally crawling or spiritually you are dumb dead. And then to cover your weakness you are very nakedly poor in humanity. All humans are nakedly poor. What they put clothe are? With a big dreams and with their achievements and with their photos and with their and have you seen any man having a picture with God, publishing it? Have you seen any camera can take it? We have forgotten that our uniessence in our micro consciousness needs a macro visibility, God within us. That Guru said,

“Khalsa mera roop hey kaas”

People don’t want to grow hair why not everybody after all God listens to everybody, send an application we don’t want hair. Neither on the top, nor bottom nor everywhere, but face hair are very important they call moorat, it is the personified essence of God depicted projection and what we need for that ecstasy of consciousness what you call as for a atom bomb we need heavy water, in this we need heavy protein and that’s why on the skull we have long hair, created by twenty-six parts of the bone of the skull and these kind of essential things are not creative they are real. They are not man made, they exist and they shall continue to flourish, they will continue to expand and they will continue to go.

“Ik dwaar badh, sehzaar kuhlla”

If one gate will close hundred thousand gates will open. Nobody can stop Sikhism it has crossed the level and the Sutlej boundary it is not confined to the Punjabis and to the Indians. And take my word for it, we’ll be way, way more than them numerically, spiritually, creatively and in our experience. Because the Aquarian age is just an age of experience, Piscean age two thousand year was where is the knowledge I should go and seek it. In another fourteen years nobody is going to use those words at all. Now in fourteen years they will look for where is my experience? Where is…not economic experience and social experience, sexual experience, sensual experience, but where is eye within eye is open, that’s third eye. Eye within the eye is open where is my experience within me, how can I understand? My cherry tree is still cherry tree, sometime it gives fruits sometime not I tell you all the time but it’s a cherry tree, it never becomes a banana tree. When a man loses his zindagi, loses the life without bandagi without meditative purity and then creates gandagi the dirt garbage and that is what is painful, this precious life is wasted in the layers of the death and when they die all they say dust to dust. I mean certification is right there, or you are going to make any sense. Nobody says dirt to heavens, nobody chants akaal further, nobody even knows the code number how to call infinity? That’s why we decided to call it Siri Maha Kaal Mandir so at least we know that great, great infinite has a temple too on the Earth. That’s why we call it singhhaasan eh Khalsa, a place there Singh sits and praise the lord. Karaasan dittha chao, where they enjoy the beauty and the bounty and the grace of the God. It is for you, now you we have been Akal we are hearing the call everyday in either way we like, it is akal which gave him three hundred, he gave him three hundred year ago. He gave this Akal to us three hundred years ago and we have deaf, dumb, idiot, can’t listen to our master’s call, our father’s call, then we are gone off. At that time when Punjab didn’t have any transportation and possibility of dacoit on the way and misery and murder was very often we went as eighty-five thousand people. Now this time I do not know I do not know he will be there to ask your head or not, but this much I know you will answer the call. You will answer the call with your purity, with your piety, with your grace, with your faith, with your essence, with your reverence and you will go and call on Guru Gobind Singh the father of this nation in that purity, because we have been bestowed deep this purity on us and our piety must prevail. We must hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world in the coming fourteen years and mind you some people where the Sikhs are going to come, don’t misunderstand they will break your doors. Hoards of people will come and beg from you the healing power and all you want. That is so written in destiny there is nothing we can do, simply we have to make big temple soon. It is not practical for us to hide we don’t hide now. We are not this, we are not that, there is no degree with us, our degrees we are radiant, radiant and radiant in the beginning in the middle, in the end. And our radiant purity and sign of the Khalsa and the seal of the Guru is everywhere, nobody can deny it. And all those who name of the Guru live and cheat Guru and take away Guru’s money and do all those dirty stuffs and instead of Guru’s house they spread their position and macho and they want to be recognized, hell will not accept them. They are not going to go to magnetic field of this Earth, they shall be here hanging like a ghost centuries, and centuries and centuries. Because they have made themself time bound. In the essential world we are just remember if God is kind and merciful and caring we should be caring and compassionate and kind to everybody. Sarbaat da balaah, we must not only wish good to all we must be good to all and all that.

…All these homes and all this land and all this wealth and all this money, which you have entrusted to me O lord is all yours. Who am I to claim? So therefore we are educating ourself going through the process and glowing. Thirty years ago nobody will ever have understanding that somebody will tie a turban, nobody understood a woman will tie the turban. Well, Khalsa has no gender. We are the Khalsa mighty, mighty Khalsa everywhere we go people want to know who we are so we tell them we are the Khalsa mighty, mighty Khalsa.

It is not that we are haughty, but we are proud. It is not that we are different, but we are universal. It is not that we are different, but we are universal. It is not that we are not understood we have to rule. We shall rule and we shall rule in the benefit of those who have not the knowledge to rule themself. These corrupt individual who have eroded the humanity and the gift of life which came to them through the pavan Guru prana, do not understand at all what their life is. It is that essence in us, it is Sat Nam, has two identity into projective reality of Wahe Guru. These cheap dirty, ugly stuff must exist. We need a manure to grow flowers, this is your manure, they will never understand the beauty of the Bana, never because they have been corrupted to the core of their marrow of the bone. They will understand why you get up in the morning for cold shower, they are looking for hot water, so capillary can be closed earlier and die soon. They will never understand Guru ka lungar why it is satvik.

…Guru Arjun said, these people will never have the shame who wants life to go and eat and enjoy the killed life. Many people will mock at you, many people will confront you, but after fourteen years they will lie flat before you. What they are going to say? Bless us, but at that time your real test will come whether you bless them in the name of Guru Ram Das the lord of the miracles and guide and perfect of you, or your ego start doing this. That one subtle time will come before you as a nation. As we have now the rule no individual Sikh or a Singh or a Khalsa will ever be brought for any mistake for just. This is between Guru and the Khalsa himself. If anybody corrupts oneself, singhassan eh Khalsa is not police station. Person will come ask forgiveness and we will just chant Wahe Guru. He fell he must rise, she fell she must rise, if Sikh and Guru and Guru and Sikh have a relationship there is no in between agent.

…That is the very old saying, those who wish good to all these pimps are not required and they do not know what they are talking about Guru. You hear five people, they will tell you five stories about the same thing.

…If they don’t have a total wisdom they have individual little wisdom and that is what they teach and that is what they preach, they are preachers not teachers. And this faculty that you will be facing when they will tell you Sikh history is this, Sikh history is that, Sikh history is that way, who knows that way, this way we are now Sikhs we see now. Our Guru, our guide our purity, piety is based and linked and married to Siri Guru Granth, whatever is in it is in us, what is in us is it is in it and everything is just a pit of non-wisdom garbage and do not even go near it.

Moorkhey naal na ulajiye

Never indulge with a insane person, it is not worth it, don’t lose your prana with anyone who is a non-believer, who has made up his mind and her mind that they do not, they are Sikhs for what? Let us learn as good students to be good Gurus of tomorrow and Khalsa mera satgur poora, the true perfect Guru of tomorrow and but for all the father of the nation Guru Gobind Singh asked us to do and don’t be shy about it. One thing beautiful about the western is they are not shy. And Guru Gobind Singh is one who made the order of the Khalsa, he is still the father of the Khalsa and he said, very beautifully, Khalsa meray jaan ke jaan Khalsa merey pran ke pran, you are my life, you are prana,

“Khalsa mera roop hey kaas.”

You have specially personified personality on me. What else you want? He gave you all and then he said, the one line very wonderful which I’ll…

“Jab lag Khalsa rehey niaaraa”

When he becomes exclusively identify with whole (?) meter then all,

“Tab lag tej dee-o me (n) saaraa”

Then I give him all the grace and the power.

“Jab eh ga-eh bipran dee reet, Me(n) na karo(n) en kee parteet.”

When they go as a commoner and scattered they are not going to get any satisfaction, so Khalsa ji this is the time and it is reaching to us. Now you must understand next month is August and August-to-August we call it twelve months, but now it is April we have to be there. So TeleSikh, telegram, and telephone, let all and everybody know and you must also initiate if there is somebody who has not taken care of it financially or otherwise you should be absolutely be handy to see that we can do it right. It is my indulgence and my prayer that you shall all grow ten times stronger in character and wisdom and faith than me. I come from a background but one thing I did is whatever I was carrying I gave it to you, I am not saying it was perfect, but my prayer is that you will take it to the perfect heights, because you have to serve millions and millions of people in the axis of the world. Now there is no relationship of mine only relationship is that of the spirit. There are no friendship of mine, only friendship is that of the spirit which Guru has cast in us and we are,

“Baley burey hum tarey prabhuji baley hum tarey”

Bad and good we belong to you O lord and we are not in a position to deviate from that. Remember spirit excels and spirit excels of those who have the power or understanding to serve their Guru. May Angsung Wahe Guru be with you and may you understand the theory and the philosophy and the depth of the word, sound Sat Nam and may Wahe Guru give you the ecstasy in which you may live forever and be remembered, savior of this planet in the next millennium. You are in number small but you are in character big. Just remember one drop of heavy water can create an atom and seven seas water can’t. So remember your decorative capacity and your absolute reality and just remember we shall never bow to man because we shall always bow to Siri Guru Granth. Men are our friend, men are not going to be our master, because we don’t believe in slavery. That essence of sophisticated essence in our practical life of living and working and our unique way to understand the subtleness of the Shabad Guru is our freedom forever. We are still sovereign, spiritual, Khalsa nation wherever we are and let us lie low and keep calm. We do not want these mosquitoes to come and give us fever, we want them to live their life and understand it, pay their karma as that is. But on the other hand whom God had blessed to walk on this path be brave, be alert and see you are born to serve the Guru and not the Maya. Maya has equal chaya, it will totally put you in a darkened self of yourself and nobody can escape those natural law of physics therefore it is my personal experience. God has not gone on a holiday, He shall come through for you. It is His domain He created you, It is His dominance, He understand you and it is His duty to see that you are provided for, but dwell in Him, trust Him and see the word is yours.

May Wahe Guru on this day give you all the peace of mind and heart and may it give you all the prosperity and the personality that your radiant activity may attract the word to the Guru and may Guru always be with you.

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh”

Copyright:  Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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