Japji Sahib – 21st Pauree

21st Pauree

The Twenty-first Pauree will maintain your status, grace, and position.



Excerpted from the book Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib:

Here in the 21st pauree, Guru Nanak directly confronts empty religious rituals. He challenges the status quo by saying that pilgrimages to sacred places, austerities, and even acts of compassion and charity only bring a sesame-worth of spiritual merit. Rather, he says, the devotional love that blossoms by hearing and singing God’s praises at the sacred altar within our own soul is the real purification and cleansing. He tells us that all virtuous qualities belong to the One and with- out that blessing, bhagatee, or devotional worship, is not possible. Hence, it is only by Divine Grace that we can even worship or love the One. Nanak says he bows to the Divine in an absolute act of surrender and devotion to the One.

Guru Nanak wanted people to understand the Truth of reality so that they could understand the purpose of life. Spiritual concepts and metaphysical doctrines with aimless theorizing are mere distractions, divorced from life and lacking practical value. The Guru was highly impatient with metaphysical wrangling that had no bearing on reality.

What I am explaining to you is this – in this life there are times and there are times. And each time is a reminder of one thing: there is a time and there is a space and there is you. You have the privilege to be the best or the worst. Between the best and the worst, this is you. You have the choice. It is called “free will”. Best are those who believe in God’s Will. And sometimes it is very misunderstood what God’s will is. If I say this is God’s Will, does that make it God’s Will? No. If you say this is God’s Will, is that God’s will? No. God’s Will is when a “bad” and a “good” is not considered as bad and good. Only it is considered as God’s Will. When there is no low and no high, that equality of all is One. When the One in all is recognized, compassion and kindness flows through you.

~ Siri Singh Sahib – January 6, 1987

Guru Nanak closes the 21st pauree with the line, Naanak jay ko aapaao jaannai agai ga-i-aa na sohai. “Whatever happens is according to the Divine Will. O Nanak, one who claims to know everything shall not be decorated in the world hereafter.” Nanak instructs us to humbly accept the Divine Will and live this Truth.

21st Pauree



Teerath tap da-i-aa dat daan. Jay ko paavai til kaamaan. Sunni-aa manni-aa man keetaa bhaa-o.

Antargat teerath mal naa-o. Sabh gunn tayray mai naahee ko-ei.

Vinn gunn keetay bhagat na ho-ei. Su-aast aath baannee barmaa-o.

Sat suhaann sadaa man chaa-o. Kavann su vaylaa vakhat kavann kavann thit kavann vaar.

Kavann si rutee maaho kavann jit ho-aa aakaar. Vayl na paa-ee-aa pandatee ji ho vai laykh puraann.

Vakhat na paa-i-o kaadee-aa ji likhan laykh kuraann. Thit vaar naa jogee jaannai rut maaho naa ko-ee.

Jaa kartaa sirthee kau saajay aapay jaannai so-ee. Kiv kar aakhaa kiv saalaahee ki-o varnee kiv jaannaa.

Naanak aakhann sabh ko aakhai eik doo eik si-aannaa. Vaddaa saahib vaddee naa-ee keetaa jaa kaa hovai.

Naanak jay ko aapaao jaannai agai ga-i-aa na sohai. ]21]


Pilgrimages, austere discipline, compassion, and charity; these, by themselves, bring only an iota of merit.

Listening and believing with love and humility in your mind, cleanse yourself with the Name, at the sacred shrine deep within.

All virtues are Yours, Lord, I have none at all. Without virtue, there is no devotional worship.

I bow to the Lord of the World, to His Word, to Brahma the Creator. He is Beautiful, True, and Eternally Joyful.

What was that time, and what was that moment? What was that day, and what was that date?

What was that season, and what was that month, when the Universe was created?

The pandits, the religious scholars, cannot find that time, even if it is written in the Puraanas.

That time is not known to the qazis, who study the Koran. The day and the date are not known to the yogis,
nor is the month or the season.

The Creator who created this creation; only He Himself knows. How can we speak of Him? How can we praise Him?

How can we describe Him? How can we know Him?

O Nanak, everyone speaks of Him, each one wiser than the rest.

Great is the Master, Great is His Name. Whatever happens is according to His Will.

O Nanak, one who claims to know everything shall not be decorated in the world hereafter.


Musical Recitations

Enjoy these beautiful musical recitations of the 21st Pauree of Japji Sahib.

Recitation by Meditative Mind.

Recitation by Bhai Arjun Singh.

 Need to practice your pronunciation of Japji Sahib?

One of the best ways to learn how to recite Japji is to listen to and read along with someone else reciting it.

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A special 40 week practice of reciting Japji Sahib is to recite one section 11x a day for one week and then do the same for the next section and so on, until over 40 weeks, you’ve completed a practice of reciting each of the 40 sections of Japji Sahib 11x a day for a week.

Here are instructions for downloading the Japji for the Aquarian Age App

In Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib, by Gurutej Singh Khalsa with Shanti Kaur Khalsa, Based on the teachings of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan:

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194 pages including an in-depth exploration of the 40 sections of Japji Sahib, 48 full color illustrations, 15 meditations that enhance the effects of the paurees, pronunciation guide and glossary and a foreword by Bhai Sahiba, Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD. Includes beautiful full-color paintings by Sewa Singh and Sewa Kaur.

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