Japji Sahib – 22nd Pauree

22nd Pauree

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In the 22nd pauree, Guru Nanak tells us once again that there are many other worlds in different dimensions. There are mil- lions of worlds, above and below, with millions of skies over them.

So vast is the One that no mortal can write an account of it and if one should try, that person would perish before finishing this task. So, Guru Nanak wisely advises, just accept the infinite greatness of the One, for only the One can fully understand the extent of that vastness.

The Infinite Oneness cannot be fully described. That is an intellectual process. It can only be experienced. It is in the ecstasy of that experience that we know that there is no separation between ourselves and the entire Oneness of the universe. We come to understand that the universe is vast, a multiverse of celestial bodies, and is beyond our capacity to comprehend. Yet, Guru Nanak gives us a hint, Naanak vaddaa aakhee-ai aapay jaannai aap. “Oh Nanak, call the One great. As only the One can fully understand the vastness of itself.”

There is a beauty of the heart, not of the head. There is a different world which is divine that has dignity, that has divinity, that has excellence, that it is said and it happens… that is the world of Dharma. There is no cause and effect, there is no karma. That is a world of consciousness and it’s a Christ consciousness. It’s a buddhi of the Buddha. It’s a satya of the Sat. It’s the light of the Jehovah. You are living in darkness, your Sun sets in the evening and it rises in the morning. In that world, nothing sets, everything on the rise. It rises all the time, because that thing is above time and space.

~Siri Singh Sahib – May 2, 1978

22nd Pauree


Paataalaa paataal lakh aagaasaa aagaas.

Orrak orrak bhaal thakay vayd kehn eik vaat.

Sehs athaarah kehn kataybaa asuloo eik dhaat.

Laykhaa ho-ei ta likhee-ai laykhai ho-ei vinnaas.

Naanak vaddaa aakhee-ai aapay jaannai aap. ]22]


There are nether worlds beneath nether worlds,

and hundreds of thousands of heavenly worlds above.

The Vedas say that you can search and search for them all, until you grow weary.

The scriptures say that there are 18,000 worlds, but in reality, there is only one universe.

If you try to write an account of this, you will surely finish yourself before you finish writing it.

O Nanak, call Him Great! He Himself knows Himself.


Musical Recitation

Enjoy this beautiful musical recitation of the 22nd Pauree of Japji Sahib by Meditative Mind

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