Meditation for a Stable Self

This kriya prepares us to live by the laws of cause and effect in stability, without fear or aggression. 

Mudra: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh (neck lock). The hands and arms form a very precise mudra and posture. Hold the right hand 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) in front of the body at the level of the throat. Curl the fingers into a fist. Extend the thumb straight up. Hold the left hand directly below the right fist. Curl the fingers of the left hand into a firm fist. Extend the thumb straight up.

Adjust the position of the hand so the left thumb tip is about 2 inches from the base of the right fist and the thumbs are aligned with each other. If you do this correctly, the base of the left hand to the top of the right thumb will cover the space from the level of the diaphragm to the mouth. Hold the elbows so that the forearms are parallel to the ground.

Breath: Regulate the breath into this pattern: inhale deeply and quickly, then exhale immediately, powerfully, and completely. Lock the breath out. Hold the breath out for a rhythmical count of 26. With each count gently apply mulbandh (root lock) and feel the Navel Point squeeze backwards. Visualize as you count: see and feel the energy and awareness going up the spine, vertebra by vertebra.

Eyes: The eyelids are 1/10th open with the eyes focused at the Brow Point.Time: 3 to 11 minutes.

Comments: The main effect of this meditation is complete stability of the Pranic Body. This means an increase in the sense of self, increased good judgment, and elimination of “normal insanities.” We often have conscious or subconscious fears, which make us jumpy and irregular in our judgment and in our trust of the inner self. This meditation removes the reactions to fears and makes you steady.

This kriya was given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan in September 1979. It can be found in Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib, on page 153.


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