Millionaire Mantra

Wahe Guru Tree Green Final

POSTURE: Sit in a meditative pose.

MUDRA: Not specified. EYE FOCUS: Not specified.

MANTRA: Chant this brief shabad from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1193, line 7.
Basant Kee Vaar, Fifth Mehl, Guru Arjan.


Mediate upon the Lord’s Name and blossom forth in green abundance.

By your high destiny, you have been blessed with this wondrous spring of the soul.


The Siri Singh Sahib discusses this Shabad:

“Life is to be lived. Life is a given gift. Atma, the soul, takes the body. The distance of
life is covered by destiny and challenged by fate. That’s how it goes. There are no two ways
about it.
There are some people who live life by making their security just the earth—the here
and now. They box themselves in. They feel insecure. They feel irrelevant to the environments
if they are not secure. And their security is very important to them. So they box themselves
in and it’s kind of a prison.
Whereas atma, the pranic shakti, is also a prisoner of the ribcage. It breathes in and
out. It can go in and out. But when a person with his ego boxes himself in because of his
insecurity, then there’s no place to go in and out. Then a person goes deeper and deeper, layer
by layer, and enslave’s one’s atma—one’s self. Then that person does not have any sensitivity
to feel others. All they want to know is whether or not their security is secure.
Now, there are other people who live a life of mission. They live a life to love everybody.
They are smiling. They are beautiful. They support everybody.”

Har Ka Nam Dhiaeaa Kai

From Success and the Spirit, an Aquarian Path to Abundance, page 80.

Listen to 11 repetitions of the Har Ka Nam – Millionaire Mantra by Singh Sahib Guru Darbar Singh Khalsa:


Listen to Basant Ki Vaar by Pritpal Singh Khalsa, which includes the Millionaire Mantra as the chorus:

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