Pingul Parbat Paar Paray – This Shabad Brings Victory Over Insurmountable Odds


Pingul Parbat Paar Paray Shabad

Written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this shabad brings victory over insurmountable odds. Meditate on this shabad or recite it 11 times a day to experience this energy in your life.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Raag Bilaval – Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 810


Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

Pingul parbat paar paray

Khal chatur bakeeta

Andhulay tribhavan soojhi-aa

Gur bhayt puneetaa

Mehimaa sadhoo sang kee

Sunaho mayray meetaa

Mail kho-ee kot agh haray

Nirmal bha-ay cheetaa (Rahaa-o)

Aisee bhagat govind kee

Keet hasatee jeetaa

Jo jo keeno aapano

Tis abhai daan deetaa

Singh bilaa-ee ho-i ga-i-o

Trin mayr dikheetaa

Sram kartay dam aadh kau

Tay ganee dhaneetaa

Kavan vadaa-ee keh sakau

Bay-ant guneetaa

Kar kirpaa mu-eh naam dayho

Naanak daras reetaa


The cripple crosses over the mountain, and the idiot becomes wise.

Meeting the immaculate Guru the blind have a vision of the three worlds.

Oh my friends, listen to the Glory of the society of the saints.

The filth is cleansed and the millions of sins are washed away as the mind is purified –


This is the devotion of God that an Ant is victorious over An elephant.

Whoever the Lord has made his own is Blessed by Him with the gift of fearlessness –

For him a lion becomes A cat, And a mountain A blade of Grass.

Those who have toiled are served great wealth.

How can I tell of His praises –

One of infinite Excellence.

Oh be compassionate And bless Nanak with the Name

For vacant is his vision without it.


Listen to this Shabad

Listen to this beautiful version of the shabad by Bhai Mehtab Singh Ji:


Click here for a Shabad sheet for ‘Pingul Parbat Paar Paray’ 


This post was drawn from the Psyche of the Golden Shield, compiled by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur with English translations by Sardarni Nirbhao Kaur Khalsa and transliterations by S.S. Sant Singh Khalsa, M.D.  This resource is available to purchase through Sat Nam (Europe) or Amazon.


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