Reflections on the Twenty Fifth Paurī from JapJī Sāhib by Gurū Nānak

“When you recite the twenty fifth Paurī all your needs become pre-filled. Prosperity, virtue, estate, and wealth are yours without asking.”

~ from the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (1)

Reflections on the 25th Pauree from M.S.S. Krishna Kaur Khalsa:

It was in 1973 or 74 that I remember the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan telling us to memorize the 25th Paurī and chant it 26 times a day. Many of us were just getting comfortable reciting Japjī Sāhib in Gurumukhi. Apparently, we were being introduced to our next adventure. Yogi Bhajan was addressing our issues around language and feelings of ‘lack’. He never liked to hear us say “I can’t afford . . . ” or “there’s not enough time.” He insisted that we learn to embrace our prosperity consciousness and that the 25th Paurī would help us make that shift.

I think the 24th Paurī and the 25th Paurī form a perfect partnership. While the 24th helps us break through limitations in thinking and feelings of lack like a thunderbolt, the 25th guarantees, with conscious repetition, “. . . all your needs become pre-fulfilled. Prosperity, virtue, estate, and wealth are yours without asking” Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (1).

The Siri Singh Sahib emphasized again and again that prosperity is not about how much money or luxuries you have in your possession, but to what extent you are in harmony with the Divine within and around you. That and only that will open the way for resources, relationships and opportunities to come to you in abundance.   “You are the lord of prosperity, you have the power of prayer, and you have the purity of projection” Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (2).

Here is what he said on November 11, 1991 as we entered the frequency of the Aquarian Age:

“Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity is perpetual with people who prefer to be penetrating, prepared and purposeful. But, prosperity only comes to those who are trustworthy, deliver, and who are content and consistent. Basically, it boils down to commitment. If you put your soul into anything, you can plug into the whole world. It will be yours. You can sweep prosperity with your commitment. Contain, commit, and be continuous” – Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (3).

From my perspective, every meditation and kriya he taught, if followed continuously, with unwavering commitment, would provide each of us with everything we needed when we needed it, because we would be in harmony with our divine selves and with the Universe.

The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan communicated the importance of this Paurī with the following lecture to Kundalini Yoga teachers:

“I don’t care how many students you have. All I want to know is, how many teachers have you created? I don’t care what a big house you have. Can you can enjoy it?  But how much of a sense of justice have you created? If along with wealth a sense of justice is not there, life is a living hell. Remember, every good action or bad action has a reaction, equal and opposite.

Your salvation lies in detachment of mind. When the call comes, you can go detached. Some of you are teachers, and you are afraid of being leaders. A leader leads by presence, by example, by word, by wisdom, by care, by compassion, and by kindness.  A teacher is a person who has a place in the heart of the student, not in the head. Now you will all sing, ‘bahutā karam likhi-ā nā jā-i.’ This song will change your poverty into prosperity. Singers, come, come, come, come. Sing with them. Sing, sing, sing” (4). 

It took me a while to memorize the 25th Paurī, but once I did, I recited it constantly for days, weeks and months at a time. My favorite place to recite it was in my car as I drove on the Los Angeles freeways to the many meetings and businesses I attended frequently in the early ’70s. I loved reciting while driving because I could chant the 25th Paurī more than 26 times on each leg of my trip.

For years, I didn’t have lot in the way of tangible resources at my disposal, yet, the more I recited the 25th Paurī whatever I needed just showed up when I needed it. The Gurū just quietly made my life happen.

Now, I firmly believe as long as I stay committed to my sadhana, including a daily recitation of Jap Jī, and continue to serve others with no concern about how my life will unfold, I’ll be fine. So, I don’t worry. I just do my work and whatever happens, happens. And for that and more, I thank God and Gurū and I honor the Siri Singh Sahib and the 25th Paurī for all the blessings that keep showing up in my life!


(Note:  below please find the translation of the 25th Paurī as it appears in a Yogi Bhajan lecture, with the author’s personal reflections in italics.)

His blessings are so abundant that there can be no written account of them
The great Giver does not hold back anything

Gurū Nānak begins by assuring us that the gifts of the Divine are unlimited and they are always there for us.

There are so many great heroic warriors begging at the Door of the Infinite Lord
So many dwell and contemplate upon him that they cannot be counted
So many waste away to death engaged in corruption
So many take and take again, and then deny receiving
So many foolish consumers keep on consuming
So many endure distress, deprivation and constant abuse
Even these are Your gifts O Great Giver
Liberation from bondage comes only from Your Will

He then goes on to remind us of the many ways we can show up in our lives.  Sometimes we might be courageous, sometimes peaceful and meditative, sometimes stupid, corrupt or hurt.  Yet if we truly understand that all is the Giver’s work, we will be patient with ourselves and accept whatever our condition might be with grace.

No one else has any say in this
If some fool should presume to say that he does
He shall learn and feel the affects of his folly
He himself knows, He himself  gives
Few, very few are those who acknowledge this

We control nothing.  Even though we may think our good or bad fortune is due to something we did or did not do.  Accepting credit or blame for anything is useless.  However, if we remember that all things come from God, we will begin to recognize that all is merely an opportunity to further our conscious awakening.  We will hold a deep inner peace and be grateful for every gift Gurū sends our way.

One who is blessed to sing the praises of the Lord
O Nanak, is the king of kings       

I pray that I might one day be able to touch the feet of such a One.

Wāhegurū jī kā Khālsā! Wāhegurū jī kī Fateh!

The pure ones belong to God.  The victory belongs to God!


(1) Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher, 80.

(2) The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 22, 1996.

(3) The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, November 11, 1991.

(4) The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, April 23, 1997.


*This article was originally shared in a 40-Day Japji Sadhana hosted by Sikh Dharma International in partnership with other legacy organizations.

Krishna Kaur Khalsa

Krishna Kaur, a dynamic, heart centered Yoga teacher, began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1970 and has passionately taught the art and science of Kundalini Yoga and Self Awareness for over 40 years. A spiritual activist, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her teaching in Africa, Mexico, China, and inner cities throughout the United States. A master teacher trainer of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, she also conducts workshops in Canada, Europe, and South America.

She lives her teachings, rising daily at 4 a.m. for her personal sadhana practice. Krishna’s dedication to sadhana is and has been very strong since she began her Kundalini Yoga practice in 1970. She always insists that her Level 1 trainees do a 40 day sadhana before certification, realizing that the strength of a teacher lies with their commitment to sadhana. Krishna is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute as a Lead Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer of both Level I and II. She also has the distinct honor of being a part of the first group to be certified as a Level III teacher.

Krishna is the founder of Y.O.G.A. for Youth, a non-profit dedicated to training yoga teachers to work with at-risk youth and creating yoga programs in schools and juvenile facilities. She opened the first yoga center in South Central Los Angeles, and still resides in the L.A. area today. Her passion is sharing yogic tools such as; “Release Fear and Allow Joy” and “Practicing Forgiveness” to the full spectrum of yoga practitioners. People love Krishna’s workshops because they are fun, invigorating and very uplifting.

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