Statement by SDI and the International Khalsa Council

As Sikhs, we believe in the equality and dignity of all human beings. Sikhs stand for truth, social justice and freedom for all.  Sikh Dharma International and the International Khalsa Council, a body of Sikh Ministers and leaders, stand united with all people of love and consciousness to speak out against the current US action of separation of families in enforcing immigration policy.  We pray that our leaders will reverse this policy and strive to guide our country with compassion and kindness, upholding the core values of tolerance and hope that America stands for.
Blessings to All,

SS Gurujot Kaur Khalsa
Secretary General
Sikh Dharma International
International Khalsa Council

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  1. Amitoj Singh says:

    That’s great. Let’s see some action. Many Sikhs are being separated from their families in Oregon. Let’s go help them.

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