Teaching the Essence of Kundalini Yoga

Beads of Truth, Spring 1980, #4
by Yogi Bhajan

Every wise man will be aware when he teaches Kundalini Yoga or talks about it that there are very strong do’s and don’ts about it. You cannot teach Kundalini Yoga and tell every­body that they can just sleep in bed whichever way they like. (Sleeping in an East-West line will make vou less susceptible to the gravity and magnetic field of the earth.) You can’t do that. You cannot play the fool with your psyche. You cannot teach Kundalini Yoga and tell a weird type of meditation to blow off the top of somebody’s head. And you cannot teach Kundalini Yoga if you cannot come out of your psycho-electromag­netic field to protect your student in the universe.

Kundalini Yoga is not dangerous for the person who learns it; it is dan­gerous for the person who teaches it. If he cannot project health, forget it. His end will be so miserable you can’t imagine it. It is a link cycle, a layer of the vibration; you can’t get out of it. Kundalini, the mother of awareness, the mother of fulfillment, of creation, is not an occult power; it is not a gimmick. It is not a circus which is happening.  It is awareness; it is a to­tality of the personality of the being. The total being is involved with no part left out. It is not one religion or one God we are going to meet.  A man who practices Kundalini Yoga neither meets nor seeks God. God seeks him. He does not meditate; God meditates on him. He is the center of the whole nucleus. When he vibrates, the universe vibrates with him.

botteachingky1We are releasing Kundalini Yoga techniques every year slowly and gradually. We don’t initiate any­body; we don’t train anybody to be a disciple. Our link is love. People will come and go. They will get what is written in their destiny.  Some be­come aware in the first day, in the first moment.  Some are here for years and never get out of the second chakra. With all my love and dedication and sincerity I could not pull them out.

Others came, took the mantra and the knowledge; they are great. Who can sit in judgement? Who can tell who is right and who is wrong? Nobody is right; nobody is wrong. Curiosity is alright to begin with. You must be curious to know. What do you want to know? There are twenty­-two types of yoga. If you study each for one year it will take you twenty­-two years. Then study awareness.  Awareness of totality is a kundalini. It is not occult power. It is not a mastery of one thing or the other.

You must understand what you are studying, what you are learning, what you are going to be. It is AWARENESS. Your awareness as a unit must correspond to the Univer­sal Awareness. You are not to medi­tate specially. There is no speciality for you. You are special from the beginning to the end. Your self is special. If you do not understand this, you have not understood any­thing yet. Your totality is special. Your way of sitting, eating, moving, all is special. Your every action of life IS special, because whatever you are, whatever you are doing, you are doing as an aware being. And when you are totally aware, then you are aware of the relationship of you as you and the universe.  And this con­tact is the yoke. It is where you join with each other. It is that link which is missing in all other systems.

Swami Vivakananda has been quoted in “How To Know God.” He said “If there is any prayer answered, if you relate to any religion, any God, any consciousness, any higher self, it is the project of your kundalini.” Period.  Any goodness in you is because of this primal energy in you. You get it through any yoga. You drink water in a gold glass, a silver glass, a stone glass, or a wooden glass, or with your hands. Why should Yogi Bhajan be afraid of it? All I want is that you should drink and not be thirsty. But if like a fool you just discuss the glass all the time and don’t get to drink water, what should I tell you?

Go on finding God.  If God won’t find you, can you find Him? Can anybody find such a thing as God? It is a most unfortunate thing if you ever say it, because you are already a part of God. What are you going to find? Those who are part of God don’t find God; they live as God. Either you live as God or you are going to keep on finding God. No miracle can bring you to God. God is a relationship of your unit conscious­ness with the universal consciousness. It is you. It is your self. It is that your lower self must surrender to your higher self. You must discipline yourself.

Detachment does not mean I will not wear clothes. That is hypocrisy. “I don’t eat food; taste doesn’t suit me.” What are you talking about? He gave you a six-inch long tongue and the power to taste so that nothing can go past the tongue without good taste. Do you think if you eat garbage that you are God? This is a way to meet God? How ridiculous we be­come just to do those weird, unwar­ranted, unethical, unsociable things to be known as some type of special nut. Rather, live conveniently; live relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the more God is in you. When you are uptight, you have shut-up the God.

The most important thing in the total life is the very being of the per­son.  No religion, no yoga, no God consciousness offers any use if the brightness of the being has become dim. You may follow any religion, any great master, you may do rituals and cut your body inch by inch and be a sacrifice. You may stand in cold water all your life. You may tie a loin cloth and run into the forest, but you are just making a ridicule of your youth. You shouldn’t steal, be gree­dy, or kill, but who is going to re­strain you? Because you have no power to restrain yourself, you have to run away. The power to restrain is your own grace; and the power to give is the power of grace.

Under every candle there is a dark­ness. The light is on the top. If a person does not relate his individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, or does not have the technique to relate his consciousness constantly with the universal consciousness, the person may belong to any group, it doesn’t mean any­thing. Individual awareness must become universal awareness. Universal awareness must become indi­vidual awareness. I love you and you love me. What kind of love is that? If my love is true and you hate me, it doesn’t matter. I am going to get love out of you because I don’t see hate in you. I see what I am. I don’t see what you are. And if my one-pointedness is not there, I am not there. I am just phony!  I am not talking right; I am not acting right; I am not projecting right; therefore I will not get anything right in return. The law of conscious­ness is not my law or your law. Kun­dalini is not my yoga or your yoga. It is a union of the consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness. And you have to row your own boat. Nobody is going to row it for you.

Don’t be unaware; don’t be fool­ish. You have to study with someone who has the knowledge of the study. We are needing, wanting, and find­ing all the time because we have never gone to fulfill. The finite has been taught to restrain himself and become only more finite and more finite. Is this God consciousness? Can you reach anywhere like that? If you become tense can you enjoy life?

Nobody is there to tell you you are a human being, just understand being! Being, be being. This carries the whole universe in it. God knows what kind of being we are; we are unable to recognize the fundamental that we are a being. What is wrong with us is that we don’t relate to our originality, our reality, our totality. We cannot walk on the main road so we go by by-lanes. We don’t have the purity, guts, simplicity; we are nervous, hiding, getting into the side-lane. We don’t come into the open because we will be exposed.

You came from Him and you are going to Him. What are you fighting about? Unawareness! You cannot enter into God consciousness with­out being God. When the human being can flow as a part of the Uni­versal Being it is only then that reali­zation will come. When there will be nothing that is mine, it is all Thine. Who created the atom? We don’t admit God because fundamentally our ego is so low and we are so limit­ed and God is so unlimited. We are so limited and God is so unlimited that there is no way to establish the relationship.

Don’t waste time. This human beinghood is not going to stay. Your forefathers are not living and you are not going to live. You cannot do what they did, but you follow the old rit­uals. You are not in a position to treat a human being as a human being. You treat him American, Canadian, Black, White, Jew, Muslim, tall, smart. As a great humanity you are all beautiful in relation to that supreme consciousness, that Crea­tor because you are His creation. This world is not beautiful without you; YOU are not beautiful without this world. No ugliness can exist in the house of God. So long as you exist you are not ugly. But you have to live up to it.

When a being will recognize he is a being then the line of life and death will not mean anything to him. Life leads to death; death leads to life. This place is a morgue. You come in to go out. But while you are here you can be liberated. If you realize that you are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you then every­thing is a part of you and you are a part of everything. If you can have that attitude you can come out of the cycle of karma and find a liberty which will make you a relaxed and a beautiful being. A being who is real and who has found within himself his totality has discovered the pur­pose of any religion, every yoga, and any pursuit toward God consciousness.

Copyright The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan 

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