The Essence of You in Existence is God Given Fact


Excerpt from Siri Singh Sahib’s New Year’s Eve Gurdwara Talk at Bonaventure Resort, Ft. Lauderdale Florida on 12/31/1987

“…The essence of you in existence is God given fact. That’s why Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam. Your identity is true.

Karta Purkh. Who is the holder of the Prakritee… Doing everything?

Nirbau and Nirvair. Fearless and without vengeance.

Akal Moorat which you all are. Made in the God not made in the bible.

Ajooni, by itself you are in existence by itself.

Saibhang, you are within that creativity of that consciousness.

Gurprasad. And that is the given wisdom of the consciousness of the Supreme, that is Guru.

“O great wise wisdom, how can I get it?” Guru did not wait for a second… didn’t ask me to give $25.00, or give you a mantra or you’ll walk on your head or I’ll give you mantra. No. He said “Jap Ad sach. Jugad sach. Habee sach. Nanak hosee be sach.”  What is the truth? You give yourself to consciousness. You offer yourself to consciousness and consciousness offers you to God and his creation. This is the key of Sikhism… Sikh Dharma.

Very early in the morning they put their mustaches up and tie up their beard and put their thing “I am Sardar So and So. I am this and that” These people do not know what Sikh Dharma is. These are those prawns jumping around. They are images. They are not Sikhs.

Sikh has a fundamental behavior: To offer himself to consciousness and let consciousness offer him to the creation of God. That is what Ek Ong Kar means. We are shielded, we are protected, we are directed, we are pure. We are the domain of the God… Khalsa. We are the honor of the God. We are the body of Khalsa, we are the honor of the purity of God. We are the domain of God. We are not specially chosen ones. We are THE one!

But there is a conduct… a conventional conduct which must not ever be forgotten. Don’t YOU say it. Say to your consciousness and then let consciousness speak for you. Because you are established being God inside you. Then how can you fear in this five tattwas body with God inside you? You are afraid. If God is NOT inside you, you are afraid, I agree. Now what is true. God is inside you or not? So long you breathe, the Pavan Guru Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat… the flow of the Prana when it’s in you means that God is in you. You ignore it? My God! You ignore God? You live in the domain of God? You are God? You are the essence of God? The breath of life is God in you? and you have the ego, the guts to ignore it???

That’s why, “Nanak Dukh Sab Sansar, the whole universe is in pain. It’s unhappy because the fundamental rule which Guru Nanak gave through the word Ek Ong Kar has been forgotten. The rule of the Sikh is, Sikh gives himself to the consciousness and the consciousness gives the Sikh to the Word. We go through the channel.

These days channelling is very important thing. “Oh, we called these spirits.” I said “Why don’t you get the bottle of mentholated spirits, it would be a fun. Go to the gas station and get the spirit. Why you call spirits?” “We channel and we know things.” I said “There is nothing to know. There is nothing to channel. You are the channel.” God established Himself to see the bountiful beauty of his own Infinity. The unison God, saw Himself in the multipleness of Itself, and did everything. If you want to be happy, healthy, holy… you need harmony. Harmony will come to you, when consciousness presents you. I am not saying that people will not disturb your harmony. I am not saying that people will not yell and scream at you. I am not saying you are not you. Look the very son of God, Jesus Christ, they hanged him. “Guru Arjan Dev Parthak”,… look they put him on the hot plate. The very innocent, divine sons of Guru Gobind Singh were bricked alive and died as martyrs. High living has painless price for
living fulfillment.

You might be thinking why people offer themselves consciously. Offering oneself consciously in Bheta, it has no pain. Many of you might be afraid what will happen to the Sikh Dharma? Where it will go? What shall be the future? Let me tell you something today. We not only rule, our generations shall rule the entire period of the Platinum age of five thousand years! It is not my prophecy, it is not your prediction, it is the Will of the God! God does rule. After a millennium through the Platinum age which comes, and that time the people do present themselves in Akal Moorat… in the very essential essence picture of God. Guru Nanak didn’t say something because somebody told him so. He said what God told him to say. And that is what shall happen.

20 years ago, none of you ever thought that we will sit in this place before the Guru and graciously celebrate the going of the ’87, the most painful and unwanted year, and welcome ’88. But we are saying good-bye to the unwanted with a very perfect grace. We are not disturbed, because we understand that poor ’87 has to exist also. We tolerate our enemies. We have no vengeance. We are welcoming ’88 knowing the test has ended. But what we are celebrating is the release. We are in understanding as every time after 2,000 years, the realm of the universe and earth experiences the difference. So, not only you… your children, your children’s children, and great grandchildren, today you may say what we are doing here. You are doing here nothing but obeying the Will of the God. I will say you are doing here nothing, because you don’t exist. God is accepting His own Will in extent and in action. That’s what is happening.

If tomorrow we expand our wings and we fly these skies as in the Kings of the air, and Guru’s word is spoken everywhere. It will just fulfill the first of the Slok, “Pavan Guru” – Every breath becomes the sound and the voice of the Guru. “Pani Pita” – all the oceans become fatherly towards the lotus feet of the Guru. The mother earth rejoices that Guru’s domain is established. “Divaas raat doe dai daia, khelai sagal jagat” – The day and night celebrates and the entire universe celebrates the domain of the Platinum Age. People will admire the very presence within them, in God. What shall come true is a very simple line: ‘In God I dwell!’

“Changiaia buriaia, vachai dharam hadoor” – Bad and good, it is the accountancy of Dharam Rai. “Karmi apo apni, ke nerai ke dur” – Through the action, what is far and what is near? “Jinee Naam dhiaia, gae masakat ghal” – Those who understand the identity in meditative activity, Nam is the name of a person, place or thing. That’s way a Sikh says “Wahe Guru”… “Multiple gracious, Infinite is the God within me. “Gae masakat ghal” – Those who have engaged themselves in this laborful way of conscious living, conscious understanding and conscious representation of the self. “Nanak te mukh ujlay, keti chuti nal” – They are bright and beautiful and their entire mathematics is cleared along with them.

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

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