Trust God to Work for You


Excerpts from Siri Singh Sahib lecture from Success in the Spirit, “Trust God to Work for You,” pp 46-47.

“Read the poem I wrote in the book The Man called the Siri Singh Sahib. 

One Day the day shall come
When all the glory will be Thine.
People will say, “It’s yours.”
I shall deny, “Not mine.”

That poem was written when I was dirt poor and Mr. Nothing. People used to say that I proselytized, but I did not proselytize anything. There will be nine hundred sixty million people and there will be a sovereign nation.

Some of my benefactors were well to do. Once they said, “We can do this and that and this for you. Just come along.” I said, “No. I have to become what I have to become. I am just a postman. My only job is to take a bag of letters, deliver them and forget it. It’s not my job to go, deliver the letter, open it, read it, translate it and make a person understand it. And then go to the next house. It would take a full day in only one place. That is not my job.”

You can hate me. You can love me. But when you call on me, I will be there. That’s what you have to believe. What do you have to believe? When there is a call, you are not there. God is. Because God is everywhere and in every way. So what is it that you have to believe?

Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas

            Khalsa is my true form. Within Khalsa, I abide.

Guru Gobind Singh, the father of the Khalsa nation, said this in his own words. He said it when he was alive – in a shape, in a form, in a person.

Khalsa Meree Jaan Kee Jaan


He made all these statements. He was alive. He could be felt. He could be heard. So there are two theories of life. One is Ik Gunn, and the other is Bahu Gunn. This means God is one, He multiplies. And from multiples, He becomes One. The same applies to you. You are here to watch and God is here to work. You want to do seva (service) for God? No, God will do seva for you.

God is there to be with you. God is there to create you and God is there creating you. God is there continuing the creativity. That’s the quality of God. But you have to believe it.

You are all prosperous. Nature, prakirti, will serve you. When prakirti will serve you, you will have ecstasy. But you have to hold onto purkha. Purkha is that One. When you hold the One, everything becomes Shuniya – nothing. And all is zero then. So the zeros become ten, a hundred, a thousand, and it goes up to infinity.”

Copyright:  Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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