Why Do Sikhs Wear Turbans?

This is an excerpt from a lecture given at the Ross Street Gurdwara in Vancouver, BC, Canada on September 7, 1991, by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan


Why do Sikhs wear turbans?

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan:

Sikhs wear turban for a simple rule. Now I’ll explain to you:  the solar center has three point two mega cycle energy, which is in the center cavity sixty degree towards south and exactly ninety degree to the stem of the brain and therefore when we put our keshas (hair) on the top, in rishi knot…

We tie a rishi knot; we knot down our solar energy into two point five mega circular units.  In that alertness, we cover it with a cotton cloth which normally is seven yards, yard and a quarter wide. But these modern times, we put a very thin muslin five yards thing; we do the puni and we do the goot business, the whole thing and then we blame ourself…. you know, this is a very strange thing. If the triangle of the upper lobe and the stem of the brain has the total control and the temperamental control and the temperature control on the gray matter of the brain, man can not only be intuitive but he can be certainly and exactly be exalted. That is why we wear turban. But when we face the death and time comes and calls on us, we turn our turban to cover our forehead.  Then we welcome death as a bridegroom welcomes the bride; very fearlessly, very gracefully and excellently. That’s why we wear the turban. Turban is our self-crowning and our unique self-organizing and recognizing self-esteem and self-respect. Not only we believe in it, it’s a very perfect part of it….

‘Pita ke bhoot, nasal pe ghoda, bauta nahi to toda, toda.’

We exactly follow the domain of our father Guru Gobind Singh true and exactly as it is….

Here is the video excerpt:

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