Jap Man Sat Nam

With gratitude for the artwork by G.S. Sohan Singh of art-heritage.com

This shabad brings prosperity and fulfills all desires. Recite or sing the shabad 11 times a day as a meditation for prosperity.

This Shabad brings the joy of merging with the Divine and opens one to the infinite flow of prosperity by attuning the mind to the creative power of Infinity. 

Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji  ~ Ang 670


Dhanaasree mehlaa 4.

Ichhaa poorak sarab sukh-daata har jaa kai vas hai kaamdhaynaa.
So aisaa har Dhi-aa-ee-ai mayray jee-arhay taa sarab sukh paavahi mayray manaa. ||1||
Jap man sat naam sadaa sat naam.
Halat palat mukh oojal ho-ee hai nit Dhi-aa-ee-ai har purakh niranjanaa. Rahaa-o.
Jah har simran bha-i-aa tah upaadh gat keenee vadbhaagee har japnaa.
Jan naanak ka-o gur ih mat deenee jap har bhavjal tarnaa. ||2||6||12||

English Translation

God is the fulfiller of desires and the giver of total peace. Under God’s power is the mythical wish-fulfilling Goddess.

Meditate on God, Oh my soul. Then you shall obtain total peace, Oh my mind. ||1||

Chant Sat Nam, Oh my mind. Ever chant Sat Nam.

In this world and the world beyond your face shall become radiant by continually meditating on The Immaculate Lord. ||Pause||

Wherever God is remembered in meditation, misfortune disappears. By great good fortune we meditate on God.

Nanak has been blessed with this understanding; by meditating on God, we cross the turbulent world ocean. ||2||6||12||

Jap Man Sat Nam Gurmukhi Script

Listen to a recording of the Jap Man Sat Nam shabad by Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa.


Listen to the following recording of Jap Man Sat Nam repeated 11 times by Singh Sahib Guru Darbar Singh Khalsa.

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    • Rupinder Kaur Khalsa says:

      Sat Naam Marta,

      Gracias! Te invitamos a compartir esta información y nuestro sitio web con más personas para que pueden ser inspiradas igualmente =)

  1. Sat Nam, thank you for posting this beautiful shabad! Is there a possibility to download the recording with 11 repetitions? It would really help to recite it. Love Rasjot

  2. ryan singh says:

    i am a 18 year old Sikh British born and unfortunately i do not speak Punjabi please could you send me the guru granth sahib translated in English many thanks ryan singh

    • Sada Bahar Kaur Khalsa says:

      Sat Nam Ryan Singh, Thank you for your note. There are some wonderful apps that have the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in Gurmukhi,Transliteration and English and you can set them to show which you would like shown. Have a look at “My Guru.”
      Also have you thought about taking Gurmukhi classes so you can read the Siri Guru Granth Sahib in Gurumukhi. There may be classes in a Gurdwara or Sikh Centre near you or you could also study online. Many blessings!

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