Sikh Dharma Ministers’ Vows (as given by the Siri Singh Sahib)

Victory Virtue

Excerpt from Chapter 1, Section B, “The Sikh Ministry”, page 5,  of the book, Victory and Virtue

1. We shall not bow to any person for worship, but shall bow only to God and Siri Guru Granth Sahib as the Word of God.
2. We shall not worship any deity or angel, other than God, and God shall be our guide and Guru.
3. We shall serve humanity without discrimination of caste, race, creed, religion or gender.
4. We shall be bound down by this oath that we shall serve without any pressure or prejudice.
5. Our house, dwelling and property shall be at the availability, within our means, of any human being who needs it righteously.
6. We shall open the doors of our hospitality without discrimination.
7. From today onward we will neither live with each other or at each other, but honestly before God and Guru we will live for each other.
8. We will always be ready to serve and will understand, being of God, that we will give a universal truth and not a personal or experimental truth.
9. In case of difficulty we will consult the Siri Guru Granth Sahib with honesty and purity of soul.
10. We will meditate on God before the sun rises, because only a fool rises after the sun.
11. We will pay tribute to our Creator as consciously as we can.
12. We will earn righteously through the sweat of our brow gracefully.
13. We will not freeload or get money by any other underhanded means.
14. We will live as God made us, and will not shave hair from any part of our body, because that is the energy antenna which God gave us.
15. At night we will comb our hair back with a wooden comb to save our energy and aura.
16. We will respect our own sexuality. Male ministers will consider all women other than their spouse as their daughter, mother or sister; female ministers will consider all men other than their spouse, as their son, father or brother.
17. We will always serve humanity righteously without any material gain or attention to material things.
18. We will serve the community and the weak and even stake our lives for that reason.
19. We promise to be vegetarians, and never take any intoxicant.
20. We can be broken fiber into fiber, but will never worship other than God and Guru.
21. We will never insult or show disrespect to any scripture or holy book.
22. We will always dress in full attire in public to represent Sikh Dharma.
23. We will read scriptures and perform duties correctly and daily.
24. We will perform human service, and be a source of inspiration to all.
25. We will die gracefully, never accepting any act of pressure to prove us cowards.
26. We will not have any fear of death when we lay down our lives for God.

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