Build a Relationship of Divinity with the Shabad Guru

SDI Academy-Shabad Guru Course

How Do we Practice & Relate to the Shabad as a Guru?

When we begin our connection with the Shabad, we often feel a spark, a knowing that these sounds, these words are uplifting for our spirit and soul.  The practice begins as we relate to the Shabad as Guru, we obtain the benefits.  Our connection and our reverence deeply enhance our experience, and there are several ways to practice.  Anyone, with any level of experience or ability can begin.  It is the journey of the soul, so there is no inadequacy.  All we need to do is connect with our spirit and the Guru to begin our journey.

Shabad Guru Course: Build a Relationship of Divinity with the Shabad Guru

The course, ‘Shabad Guru on the Spiritual Path’ was created to enhance and support this journey.  Whether you are starting out and wish to know more, or are a long term practitioner, we can benefit from making an ever-deeper connection with the Guru inside.

This course covers the step of our self-initiation (I.e. making the journey within to connect with the Guru), and practicing three main ways to connect to the Shabad: Japa (recitation, to build tapa, spiritual heat). Bhajan (vibrating the sound, through singing and opening our heart to build a flow of creative power within) and Sunniai (listening, soaking in the frequency of the Shabad, to allow it to reside in our cells).  These steps support our journey to build a connection with the Shabad as our pathway to Infinity.

This course is offered online and in-person.

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  1. Siri Pritam Kaur says:

    Such an amazing course… nothing like it. The combination of Guru Kirin and Prabh Nam Kaur …. thank you for this blissful experience.

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