General Protocols for Gurdwara Security Sevadars


Sat Nam, Dearest Family!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

In the aftermath of the events of our recent history, especially the tragedy at Oak Creek, WI, the Sant Sipahi Security Advisory Team, an ad hoc security advisory group with an interest in serving the Sikh Dharma in matters of security, makes the following recommendations.

The following guidelines are recommended for implementation in all Gurdwara related settings.


1) Monitor all activities occurring in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib as well as any other activities in order to maintain a safe, hazard-free environment, and a peaceful, respectful Gurdwara decorum.

2) Assist Sangat members in the performance of their worship and other activities, especially to include the arrival and departure of families with young children, giving aid and comfort to the elderly and the infirm, and greeting visitors.

3) Take direct Protective and/or Defensive action in the event of emergency circumstances such as fire and emergency medical response, disruptive or disorderly activity, or any act of aggression occurring within or around the Gurdwara or amongst Sangat members, and ensure security of building perimeter (doors and windows) while maintaining appropriate access for Sangat members and guests.

4) Gather and disseminate intelligence data, and subsequently alert Sangat members, and appropriate local authorities to the existence of issues or circumstances involving imminent or potential risk to the security of the Guru, Sangat members, or Gurdwara property.

5) Interface with and assist Local Fire and Medical Emergency or Law Enforcement Response Team members in order to maintain appropriate and respectful decorum in any emergency conditions occurring in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib or upon the Gurdwara property, circumstances permitting.

NOTES: General Protocol Guidelines are intended to be general as opposed to specific since they apply to the commonalities of all Gurdwaras. Special Operating Protocols or SOPs should be formulated and implemented by respective Sangat leaders after consultation with local First Responders, i.e., Fire, Medical Emergency, Law Enforcement or other agencies. These Special Operating Protocols then will reflect conditions peculiar to local circumstances, which may vary according to any unique layout, structural, or geographical, economic, or technical requirements.

In addition, the Advisory Team urges each community to contact their local First Responders, especially law enforcement agencies, for a comprehensive risk assessment of Gurdwara property, and management policies and procedures to include a comprehensive Safety and Security Audit. This audit may possibly be provided free of charge, and should include protocols for implementation in the following areas.

a) Fire Prevention and Emergency Evacuation

b) Medical Emergency Response, First-aid Training

c) Active shooter response, and Defender training

d) Safe Room Implementation

For assistance, call 800-528-0413 Ext. 354 Eastern, or click here.

Guru Rakha!

Sant Sipahi Security Advisory Team

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