Teachings to Honor Mother Earth and Bring Peace to Our Lives


Below are 40 different teachings to strengthen our subtle bodies, so we can manifest more peace in our own lives and peace for our Mother Earth.
May our collective prayers honor Mother Earth and our positive projection bring peace to each of our lives and all of humanity. Wahe Guru!

One: Prayers for Mother Earth and Invoking the Divine Mother

This short meditation is a collective prayer for Mother Earth, to invoke the blessing of the Divine Mother in our hearts.  The meditation ends with a prayer for the loftiness of the Creator Mother Earth and peace.

Two: Meditation to Remove Fear of the Future

It is only natural that many of us see devastating headlines about climate change and the degradation of Mother Earth, and feel a lot of fear about what the future holds, for us and future generations. This meditation will help us clear our fear so that we can be more effective in taking positive action to serve our planet today and uplifting others around us who are fearful about the future state of the planet

Three: Shabad to Build a Meditative and Prayerful Mind

A meditative and prayerful mind is a valuable tool to bring to bear when thinking about environmental degradation and climate change. A meditative perspective and a prayerful orientation can allow us to approach the climate crisis with a sense of calm, and fresh ideas for solutions. This practice will activate our prayerful minds in relation to Mother Earth and will set the stage for further weeks of our practice to come.

Four: Meditation to Alleviate Your Stress

Seeing the stress Mother Earth is under can cause a lot of stress in the individual psyche of those of us who want to help and heal her.  That feeling of helplessness and stress can keep us from being able to act and project.  Let’s use this meditation to alleviate our own stress and positively project that the stress Mother Earth is feeling may be relieved as well.

Five: Shabad to Create Miracles and Make the Impossible Become Possible

We can magnify our positive prayers for Mother Earth.  Through this shabad, project that all of humanity comes together to avert the worst effects of climate change and save the earth despite what appear to be ‘impossible’ odds. Through this shabad,  project for big shifts and technological, economic, cultural and political miracles to manifest in the realm of climate change.

Six: Meditation for an Invincible Spirit

It is natural for many of us to feel discouraged about the state of our beloved Mother Earth in these times, and to feel fear about the future state of the planet. This meditation can help to get in touch with our inner power and warrior spirit, can help us find the strength to take actions every day to save our planet, and can help us to face these turbulent times with courage and grace.

Seven: Shabad to Unite the Power of Earth and Ether Within

This shabad can bring the strength and balance of the energies of Mother Earth and the ethers within ourselves. With the power of Mother Earth and the heavens united in us, we can more effectively see the Creator’s plan and our own role in bringing positive change to help heal Mother Earth and ourselves.

Eight: Meditation for Release of Cold Depression

The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, cautioned that as humanity enters the Age of Aquarius, that is, through 2038, many of us will experience a phenomenon he called ‘Cold Depression.’ Cold Depression affects our vitality of spirit and leads us to behave in ways we would not otherwise. 

Many of us may have felt the experience of Cold Depression in recent years – in ourselves, in our loved ones, or even just in the world around us. Cold Depression can easily be brought on when we consider the ongoing environmental devastation occurring on Mother Earth, and when we think about the possible effects of climate change in the future. This meditation can help us lift the fog of ‘Cold Depression’ from our minds. It can free us up so that we can tune into our lightness, energy and vitality to serve Mother Earth fully today, with open hearts.

Nine: Shabad to Keep You in God’s Realm of Protection and Build Secure Environments

This shabad can invoke God’s protection in our lives during these challenging times and allow us to generate a frequency that opens the way for us to build secure environments in insecure times. Through this shabad, we can magnify our positive projection for people everywhere to feel God’s hand behind them as they build safe and cozy environments for themselves, their loved ones, their communities and those they serve. Visualize our dear Mother Earth filled with and surrounded by divine love and protection.

Ten: Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out

During this turbulent time on planet earth, from the spread of coronavirus to global warming to economic insecurity to personal struggles of all kinds, having moments or episodes of “freaking out” is becoming more common for most of us – understandably!  This meditation is an invaluable tool to bring to bear when we are freaking out. It alters our energy during these episodes by changing our nostril breathing. “Exercising this ability can prevent nervous breakdowns.” By practicing this meditation, we can gravitate toward it naturally as a tool when we experience moments of freaking out in the future and it is hard to think clearly. This meditation will be there for us in those moments. We can also share this as a helpful tool for others – our friends, loved ones, and communities, if they “freak out” in the times ahead.

Eleven: Excel, Excel, Fearless Meditation

During this strange time, it is easy to get lost in our feelings of fear, despair, and hopelessness. This meditation will help us cut through these feelings and tune into our courage, divinity and inner light. This meditation can give us the strength to face these times with courage and serve our Mother Earth and fellow humans in whatever ways we can each day.

Twelve: Reciting The Slok of Japji Sahib

Pavann guroo paannee pitaa maataa dharat mahat:  

“Air is the Guru, Water is the Father and Earth is the Great Mother of All.”

Magnify your positive prayers for Mother Earth by reciting the Slok of Japji Sahib.  Project for her healing, and for growing awareness and positive shifts to fight climate change throughout the world.

Here are some musical versions you can recite with.

Thirteen: Meditation for the Neutral Mind

Having a strong Neutral Mind is very valuable during these times – when it is easy for our Negative Minds to dominate our awareness and thought process. Having the Neutral Mind as our default can allow us to come from a place of strength and expansiveness, rather than fear, negativity and contraction, when we are thinking about our own lives and the ways in which we might serve humanity and Mother Earth during turbulent times.

Fourteen: Shabad to Create Healing Energy

Let’s combine our prayers and create healing energy for ourselves, our loved ones, our global family and our planet. Let’s collectively beam our love, strong prayers and healing energy to our dear Mother Earth, and those all around the world who have lost loved ones, are  recovering from coronavirus or are suffering economically during this time.

Fifteen: Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times

We are experiencing rapid universal transformation. Old structures and outdated ways of thinking and being are crumbling. We see it in our personal lives, in our communities, and in the global news. In order to keep up with the times and truly live for each other, we must transcend our individual consciousness and expand into a collective Infinite consciousness.  Let us draw on this meditation for fearlessness during these times of challenge, and begin to cultivate an expanded awareness of Infinite global consciousness within ourselves. Mother Earth’s heart rejoices when her children experience the Truth of their unity and connectedness in love and service to one another.

Sixteen: Shabad to Bring Security and Alleviate Fears

Many of us are likely experiencing feelings of insecurity and fear during this time. This week let us rest in the cozy and peaceful energy of this Shabad and give our fears to the Infinite Creator. Let us release our feelings of fear and insecurity into the loving hands of the Divine. Let’s cultivate this peaceful feeling in ourselves, spread it in our homes and communities, and project it all around the world for humanity and healing of Mother Earth.

Seventeen: Sending Healing Thoughts Meditation

This meditation will allow us to deeply connect with our heart centers. It will allow deep awareness of our Oneness to penetrate our consciousness and will be very uplifting. Let’s send this powerful loving energy to our loved ones and Mother Earth this week, and be totally open to this energy of unity and connection.  “Once you do it sincerely, your channels will be open and you can do it for anyone you can imagine. Those who send out good vibrations will receive ten times the amount from the Universe. You gain when you give.”

Eighteen: Meditation to Let “Thou” Prevail

This meditation will allow us to experience the frequency of the Divine in ourselves and in our lives. It will allow us to go deeply into the feeling of Divine love, and feel calmness as we surrender to the energy of our own Divinity and drop the energy of our ego.  As we begin to experience this Divine and loving energy, let us think of Mother Earth surrounded in love and healing, and relax in the knowing that all is being taken care of by the Universe. Let us trust in the deep knowing that the universe has our back.  “Have no thoughts while doing this meditation. Let the Living God come into your heart center. Instead of “I” – let “Thou” prevail.”

Nineteen: Hast Kriya – Earth to Heavens

This meditation will facilitate our connection to the heavens and the Hand of God. It will allow us to tune into the connection between Mother Earth and the heavens in a deep and powerful way. Let us tap into this elevated perspective and rest in this connection. Let’s visualize Mother Earth and all beings on the planet held in the loving energy of the heavens.

Twenty: Meditation for Mental Clarity and Purity

This meditation will help us cut through any mental fog we may be experiencing during these challenging times. Through this meditation, let’s tap into our internal wisdom and envision ways, both small and big, that we can help Mother Earth and our fellow humans during this time of global transition.  “This meditation has the capacity to make your mind clear as crystal. It can totally eliminate mental impurity, but it must be done correctly.” 

Twenty One: Meditation for Absolutely Powerful Energy

This meditation will help us develop powerful energy and strength to face our day during these times of challenge. Through this meditation, let’s bring powerful and positive energy into our lives, and use this energy to take steps to help humanity and heal the planet in whatever ways we can.  

Twenty Two: Shabad to Bring Victory and Success in All Pursuits

Let’s bring this positive energy of victory and success into our lives, and send this vibration all over the world. With the energy of this Shabad and a powerful collective projection, let’s pray for victory in the fight against COVID-19 and success in the fight against climate change. May the light of the Guru be with us always.

Twenty Three: Meditation to Develop Your Cross-Reference

“Ninety percent of all our pain is because we have no cross-reference. There is nothing in us that we can look at as an experience of what is me and my soul, of what gives me the experience of Infinity.”  Let’s develop our own cross-reference and intuition through this meditation. Let’s use this discernment to navigate an increasingly complicated world, so that we may make the best choices possible for our Soul and for our dear Mother Earth in each and every moment.

Twenty Four: Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya

“The Isht Sodhana Mantra is a perfect mantra for the Earth energy. It connects the Earth and the vastness of the ether and projects it from the heart. It is done with visualization. It makes you present, calls on your highest spirit, keeps you humble and effective on your new ventures, and attracts opportunities for prosperity.”

Twenty Five: Meditation to Get Rid of Your “Couldn’t”

Let’s magnify our projection through this group practice, and tune in to the effects of this practice for our own inner light and positivity. When thinking of challenges like combating environmental degradation and climate change, our own feeling of “couldn’t” is often likely in full force. Let’s use the power of this meditation to dream up ways to break through this feeling of “couldn’t” and take action when it comes to saving our Mother Earth. 

Twenty Six: Shabad to Bring Complete Protection and Build the Protective Shield

Let’s invoke this protective energy in our surroundings, and project this energy to encompass the whole of Mother Earth and all of her creatures. In our hearts, let’s imagine Mother Earth surrounded by a strong shield of protective light and love during these times of challenge and transition. 

Twenty Seven: Meditation on the Divine Mother – Adi Shakti

“This meditation gives concentration and mental beaming. It tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother – the primal, protective, generating energy. It eliminates fears and fulfills desires. It empowers us to act by removing blocks and insecurity.” Let’s generate collective energy honoring Adi Shakti through this practice, and connect with the beautiful and nourishing energy of the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. From this place, let’s tune into the frequency of our dear Mother Earth, and the ways in which we can connect with her and serve her during this time.

Twenty Eight: Shabad to Bring Protection in Desperate Situations and Take Away Father and Mother Phobia

Let’s invoke the spirit of the Earth as our Mother and the Guru as our Father as we experience the deeply comforting and protective energy of this Shabad. Let’s magnify our projection from our hearts, and send prayers of divine protection and loving energy to all those around the world today dealing with desperate situations in their lives, from COVID and other illnesses to war to natural disasters. May we be blessed that the Light of the Guru always shines through our hearts and touches those who need it most.

Twenty Nine: Meditation to Totally Recharge You


Many of us may be feeling low these days, as COVID continues, and we continue to see the effects of climate change causing suffering around the world. Let’s draw on the energy of this simple and powerful meditation to give us renewed energy and purpose. Through this practice, let’s tune in to the higher plane, and meditate on the ways that we can most effectively serve each other and Mother Earth during these times of challenge.

Thirty: The “Last Resort” Meditation

“This meditation brings relaxation, strength, and mental clarity. It brings soul talk – the infinite capacity to experience the power of your soul right on the spot. The mantra means: ‘You are beloved of my Soul, Oh God.  It is for when life doesn’t work for you. Let’s draw on the connection with our soul that this meditation generates, and deeply immerse ourselves in this subtle communication. Let’s tune into our higher selves, and check in with our Souls about how we can best honor and protect our dear Mother Earth during these times.

Thirty One: Ra Ma Da Sa Meditation for Healing

This healing meditation can be used to send healing energy to our friends, family, ourselves and our dear planet Earth.  This mantra taps into the energies of the sun, moon, earth and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing. Let’s use this meditation to positively project strong waves of light and healing for our dear Mother Earth, and also to heal ourselves, our loved ones and our global community. 

Thirty Two: Eggbeater to Recharge Yourself

These days we all need the capacity to deal with things, in our own lives and in the news from around the world. This practice is a simple way to give us the energy to be most effective during our day. We can jump-start our mornings with this simple exercise. Let’s enjoy the rejuvenation this practice brings us, and set the intention to use the extra bit of energy it provides to do something in our daily routine to help the environment and serve Mother Earth.

Thirty Three: Meditation for a Calm Mind and Strong Nerves

This is one of five meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan specifically to prepare for “the grey period of the planet and to bring mental balance.” Practice this meditation to gain a calm mind and strong nerves. Let’s draw on the calming and strengthening effects of this meditation and bring a balancing effect to our days. With our calmer minds, let’s envision a positive future for Mother Earth and map out the steps to get there. Let’s draw on the strength of this meditation to find our grit and center, and make a long term plan to stay focused on manifesting the ideas we are visioning.

Thirty Four: Gutka Kriya – Using the Magic Mantra to Reverse Negative Energy

“What is a gutka? It is a stopping lever. . . . It is a lever that can stop you and take the entire weight of the reverse balance. So whenever there is a reverse balance, if you apply the gutka, it will stop it. When the energy is in reverse and it is stopped, it will go to the positive and you’ll be good again. Isn’t that a simple way to fix yourself?” During these times of challenge, many of us may find ourselves in cycles of negative energy, and many of us may be feeling the weight of negative energy related to the current condition of Mother Earth and the unsustainable economic system that humanity runs on. Let’s draw on the powerful effects of this meditation to stop negative energy in its tracks in our lives. Let’s also project this frequency outward and think of Mother Earth as we do this meditation, and project that we can turn the tide, and that as a humanity we can reverse the energy surrounding our collective treatment of Mother Earth from negative to positive in the near future – to actions based on shared reverence and love for all creation.

Thirty Five: Meditation for the Positive Mind

The Positive Mind inspires you by telling you what is the possible gain, the advantage to you, in any situation.  These days, it is easy and even natural for us to view the plight of Mother Earth through the lens of our Negative Minds. We see environmental destruction taking place throughout our earth, and feel angry. We think of the future, and climate change, and feel afraid. This week, let’s draw on the power of this meditation to shift our usual thought patterns about Mother Earth. Let’s use the expansiveness and positivity this meditation generates to envision a beautiful future for our planet and what that looks like, and the steps we can take to manifest this vision of a vibrant and healthy Mother Earth in the future.

Thirty Six: Meditation on Your Self as a Yogi

“How many times a day do you meditate on yourself as a yogi? How many times in your whole life have you meditated upon yourself as an angel, that your being is absolutely pure, and that you are here by the Will of God and not by your own individual will?”  When it comes to environmental degradation and climate change, many of us likely experience strong feelings. Some of these feelings may be overwhelming. Feelings like hopelessness and sadness when thinking about Mother Earth can cause us to lose motivation to take action to save the planet. By tuning into our inner yogi, we can tap into our inner neutrality, which can be a helpful place to come from when viewing environmental challenges and climate change. In this way, we can bring an elevated perspective to these issues, and bring our highest selves to the fight to save the planet.  Let’s magnify our collective projection and tune in to our “inner yogi” selves together, and view Mother Earth’s challenges from the view of our inner yogi selves. Let’s see what insights come to us from this unique vantage point that might help us help Mother Earth.

Thirty Seven: Meditation to Relate to Your Deathlessness

“Through this meditation, you are working to get rid of the id, the ego. In this mantra, we are singing to our own deathlessness. This will make you leave a legacy of perfection.”  When we think about Mother Earth and climate change, for most of us a natural part of our human nature, our fear of death, will become activated – either consciously or subconsciously. This fear can sometimes be overwhelming, and can cause us to fall into inaction and block us in our work to help the planet.  By helping us relate to our deathlessness, this powerful meditation can allow us to cut through our individual and primal fear, and emerge into a strong new energy when it comes to our relationship with Mother Earth. Let’s magnify our projection, cultivate fearlessness in ourselves when it comes to climate change, and use this energy as a jumping off point for bold new action in our lives to help Mother Earth.

Thirty Eight: Touch Others Meditation

The changes occurring on Mother Earth and in our climate are a collective experience shared by humanity. It is likely that everyone has been or will be affected in some way – physically, psychically, emotionally, mentally,  spiritually. People we encounter throughout our life’s journey may be having difficulty related to climate change and other big changes taking place on our planet. This meditation will help us develop a projection that can allow us to easily and naturally touch and uplift all who come into our lives. Through this practice, let’s set our intention to be a source of light for everyone, as this collective journey of evolution and transformation continues on Mother Earth.

Thirty Nine: Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age

This powerful meditation opens the way for divine energy to come through us, so that we can remain in Chardikala ourselves and uplift others during these times of great challenge and turbulence on the planet. Let’s draw on the powerful vibration of this meditation and set our intention to practice this meditation regularly going forward, to help us be a source of light to all we encounter and to serve Mother Earth and all her creatures who may be suffering due to climate change and other environmental challenges in the times ahead.

Forty: Shabad to Bring Victory Over Insurmountable Odds

Let’s magnify our group prayer through the Shabad Guru and collectively project that we as a humanity can beat the odds and prevent the worst effects of climate change from manifesting on our planet in the future. Let’s imagine our dear Mother Earth surrounded by healing energy, and all of her creatures and beautiful places always protected. Let’s pray to the Guru to bless us with persistence and victory in our own efforts and actions to save and serve the planet each day going forward. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

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  1. Ram Singh GUETABA says:

    Wahe Guru ! Ces méditations sont vraiment magnifiques. On a l’embarras de choix. Je viens de faire la N35 avec mes élèves. C’était une surprise pour eux d’apprendre que BOUDDHA et JÉSUS l’ont pratiquée !

  2. Ram Singh GUETABA says:

    Merci infiniment pour cet éventail de méditations qui nous sont proposées pour cet événement. J’ai déjà commencé par expérimenté certaines N 13 méditation sur l’esprit neutre , elles sont superbes. Je ferai la N35 , pendant 31 minutes le jour j. Demain donc

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