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Roots of Sikh Dharma: “What Sikhs Believe – Part 1” Live on January 27!

On Wednesday, January 27, Pritpal Singh will host the fourth “Roots of Sikh Dharma” program, part of our “Dharma Dive Live” series which takes place every Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The topic Episode 4 is "What Sikhs Believe - Part 1." This is an experiential LIVE program with time
Roots of SD Episode 4

Video: Roots of Sikh Dharma – Overview of Sikh Dharma

Pritpal Singh taught the first "Roots of Sikh Dharma" class on October 21, part of the "Dharma Dive Live" series. The topic for Episode 1 was an Overview of Sikh Dharma. Video includes content on - what is Sikh Dharma? Definitions of Sikhism, Sikh Dharma and Sikhi; religion versus Dharma and foundational concepts and history
The Roots of Sikh Dharma