Video: Roots of Sikh Dharma – The Transforming Power of Shabad Guru

Pritpal Singh taught the sixth “Roots of Sikh Dharma” class on March 24, focusing on the subject of the transformative power of Shabad Guru. This class was provided in both English and Spanish, with Ravi Prem from Chile providing Spanish translation. Roots of Sikh Dharma is part of the “Dharma Dive Live” series taking place every Wednesday at 3 p.m. EDT on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.



Dharma Dive: Live is a series of live online programs hosted by Pritpal Singh via the Sikh Dharma International Facebook page and the Sikh Dharma International YouTube channel.  Each Wednesday session will include one of the following five different topic areas:

  1. Learna-Shabad: This program will present one shabad to enable viewers to learn how to sing these sacred sounds. Some time will be spent learning how to pronounce these words. Some time will focus on learning one melody and how to play in on a harmonium.
  2. The Roots of Sikh Dharma: In this series each program will cover a topic to help understand the fundamental aspects of Sikh Dharma. Sometimes there will be a presentation about Sikh history and other times there will be a discussion about Sikh practices or philosophy.
  3. Your Miracle Mantra Moment: This is a continuing of an earlier program based around 11 minutes of chanting of the shabad, Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur for healing and generating peace. After the chanting there will be discussion of related topics.
  4. HomeKirtan & Chat: This is also the continuation of an earlier program. In this series we invite a kirtan musician or group to join us. We will listen to some kirtan and then we will discuss their history and/or music.
  5. Dialogs on Dharma: This is a new series where there will be a different guest or guests invited to discuss current events in our Sikh Dharma community and to discuss points within Sikhi that are difficult to understand or apply in these times.

All sessions will include Q & A time to allow interaction with our viewers.

Please join us every Wednesday on Facebook or YouTube or watch these recorded programs later.

About Pritpal Singh – SDI Director of Dharmic Education

S.S. Pritpal Singh Khalsa has identified as a Sikh and has been a student of Sikh Dharma since 1972. He has studied Gurbani Kirtan and leads kirtan in communities around the world, having released several recordings of kirtan and mantras. Pritpal Singh is also a KRI-certified Lead Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and is involved in several Level 1 and Level 2 trainings around the world each year. He is also a Yogic Life Coach and presents workshops on topics such as Meditating on Purpose, Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sound, Emotional Competency and Accessing the Divine Masculine.

Pritpal Singh is focused on the development of programs that uplift people with the virtues and values of Sikh Dharma – through education, networking, seva and community building. Pritpal believes that it is essential to listen deeply to what is needed, envision through cooperation and creativity, and then lead with a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork to deliver positive world-wide impact.

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