Touch Others – A Meditation for Prosperity


Prosperity Meditation: Touch Others 

A Prosperity Meditation given by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on December 29, 1997
Featured in Success and the Spirit, An Aquarian Path to Abundance on page 229

POSTURE: Sit in Easy Pose

MUDRA: Spread the fingers of the left hand as far apart as possible and place the hand on the Heart Center with the thumb pointing up. Make the right hand into a fist with the index finger extended. Place the right arm by the side with the elbow down and the index finger pointing up. Position the arm so that the tip of the right index finger is level with the tip of the eye, palm facing forward

EYES: Eyes are closed

BREATH: Long Deep Breathing

MANTRA: After relaxing into the breath, begin chanting the Kundalini Shakti mantra.


Pull the navel powerfully each time you chant “sach” so that the belly button connects with the spine. Continue for at least 8 minutes.

TRANSLATION: True in the beginning, True throughout the Ages True at this moment, Nanak says this Truth shall ever be.

TO END: Inhale deeply. Exhale and relax.

COMMENTS: We touch each other with the eyes. We touch each other with the ears. We touch each other with songs and words. We touch physically. We touch to kill. We touch to give birth. If you look at the whole spectrum of life, it’s nothing but touch. If you want to know the Master’s Touch, then you should live these words of Nanak.

This is called the combination of polarities: your breath has a length of thirty-six inches. When you press the navel to create the word sound “sach,” after a long practice or a short practice—depending on your habit—you become intuitive. Provided all five fingers on the left hand are open and the right hand index finger is up.

In class, Yogi Bhajan said that different people might need to practice this meditation for different durations.


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