40 Days of Poetry: Day 6


Bowing at the Guru’s Feet


RAA is the Sun, illuminating the universe,

MAA is the Moon, illuminating the ethers,

DAA unleashing the secret held at the Tenth Gate,

SAA imparting union with the Lord Incarnate.


RAAMAADAASAA Guru is the Creator Manifest

By keeping Him fixed in the mind’s meditation

Recalling his name with each inhalation,

Uniting with God, such a one is thus blessed.


To the feet of Ram Das, the Guru, bow your head down;

All your problems and troubles will be turned right around.

Ram Das, the Guru, whosoever shall remember,

Will be crowned with glory by the Immortal Creator.


To one who beholds Ram Das, the Guru,

Knowledge of the three worlds shall come into view.

Upon Ram Das Guru whoever shall meditate

The ecstasy of God he’ll deeply contemplate.


For therein it lies: the Raj Yoga throne

By practicing the techniques it shall be your own.

For thus it occurs, through the Immortal Lord’s favor,

That such a blessed one is blended within the Creator.

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