May 2014 Numerology


May: Number 5 – Guru Arjan – Physical Body – The Fruit of Life
The Karma of number 5 is imbalance, false martyrdom, gaps in communication, contradictions and self exile.
The Dharma of number 5 is balance, sacred sacrifice, transformative exchange, intuitive communication and paradox.
May brings the first fruit of the year. It is a month to use the sensory being to express the balance between change and continuity.
Passing through the tests of time and space intuitively sensing the inter-relation between the moment and the place.
Consciously tuning in to the lessons being learnt through the 5 senses and associated elements that give this body and all its experience.
The physical body is the Temple of the Divine. It asks for harmony and balance in all areas of the practical life. It offers itself for the accomplishment of excellence.
The infra-structure of this body temple is nerves of steel, its vastness is the sensitivity of a multi-dimensional network of consciousness.
The mantric expression is Karta Purkh: Active creativity while maintaining intimacy with the inner stillness of being. A communicative harmony between daily life on earth and the cosmos, between action and the natural source of self.

Guru Arjan’s life and sacrifice is a message of honoring the word.
He gave his life to ensure that the poetry of the mystics would survive to reach us today and not burnt in the flames of anger, greed and pride.
It is a poetry known as Shabd Guru – a language that renews, a well that never runs dry,
The word we speak may be the final fruit of long contemplation, but it also contains the seeds of futures unknown.

Some things to do this month:
– As this body will die but your words will live on. Choose carefully your speech to others.
– Find a poem that really inspires you and speaks to your heart and share it with others.


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