SDI Town Hall in Los Angeles

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One of Sikh Dharma International’s goals for 2016 is to reach out to our affiliated communities around the globe, and build stronger connections and avenues of communication. We would like to hear about the needs and concerns of our communities and constituents, and how SDI can better support them. We’d also like to foster the kind of heart-felt global family that the Siri Singh Sahib worked during his lifetime to build.

Towards that end, on Monday, January 18th, Sikh Dharma International held a town hall meeting in Los Angeles for the local Sangat members. It was a cozy gathering in Guru Ram Das Ashram of about 30 people, beginning with langar and chanting. The meeting was facilitated by S.S. Gurujot Kaur, the Secretary General of Sikh Dharma, along with the Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, the Siri Sikdar Sahiba Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur, Dr. Harjot Kaur, MSS Kirtan Singh and Sada Anand Kaur, the COO of SDI.

la sangat2We briefly shared the highlights of the work that SDI and the Khalsa Council have been involved with over this past year and our plans and goals for 2016. We discussed some key issues and topics that are impacting our global constituents and communities, and we had a very interactive and vibrant discussion.

We hope this meeting is just a beginning step in building stronger connections with our world-side Sangat, and we will continue to reach out to see how SDI can best serve our dharmic family and our collective mission.





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  1. Sat Nam!
    I think it’s wonderful that you’re reaching out to find out about the needs and concerns of the various communities are. I think this post would be improved by focusing less on what SDI is doing and more on what the community was saying, including a picture of those in attendance.

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