The Light of the Shabad Guru Saving Grace for Humanity


Outstanding in the chronicles of history and religion, the Shabd Guru of the Sikh faith is unique, utterly inclusive, and presents a rational and scientific doctrine that is acknowledged universally. Throughout human evolution and religious history, the sacred texts and holy scriptures of religions have always had a significant impact on humankind. Among the great world religions, however-all propitious in their divine nature-simple religious acts of performing worship or leading others in worship, are not universally open to all. Nor is everyone permitted to enter the holy sanctuaries of many religions.

From its very inception, the Shabd Guru, with the first utterance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, following his communion with the Divine, gave humanity the gift of “Ek Ong Kaar.” We are One, we are one with the One who lives in everyone alike. The sacred verses of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib are based in doctrines of humility and universal acceptance of the divine spark in all beings.

“The mortals and creatures are all divine and the Divine One belongs to all.
Whom should we call bad? If there be any other, then we may.”                                  (SGGS, p. 425)

It is the praise and tribute to the One Creator of all the beings, the One Spirit that flows throughout all creation, that is the constant divine message of the Shabd Guru. All people from every religion and all walks of life are welcomed to hear the hymns of the Gurus and other saints being sung in the specific raags and musical modes that impel their melodies and rhythms to be filled with divine power.

Guru Arjan Dev was immersed in the canonization and editing of Shabd Guru to give it the form of the Adi Granth, later to be named Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This unique and distinct compilation by Guru Arjan, contains his hymns and those of the preceeding Gurus, as well as divine compositions of 15 Bhagats, 11 Bhatts, and four saints who were in resonance with their ideology. The Adi Granth is thus the first interfaith scripture, with compositions from multiple religions and sects. Hearing the divine melodies of the Shabd Guru, it is said that even the angels and devas adore its magnificent compilation. Within all of the religious scriptures of other faiths the world over, there is not even a single reference to another religion to be found. But here, the message of the Shabd Guruextends beyond all earthly distinctions and the limitations of time and place. It has thus became a beacon of radiant light to all humanity, not just an intellectual subject of awareness or knowledge, the Shabd Guru brings a radiance of realization, an effulgence of experience. There is no need for any debate to understand it. All one needs is to hear the Shabd Guru, and the experience of upliftment, the light of understanding, infinite grace, kindness, and compassion for all creation are granted to the listener. Such a profound, transformational experience is bestowed that the Siri Singh Sahib called it “The Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru,” and he well knew and told us that this experience of the Shabd Guru would be our saving grace through our transformation into the Aquarian Age.

A common supplication for the well-being of all, even the shelterless and seemingly hopeless, is made in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

“The placeless one, Thou seatest on the place, O Lord.
Of the woe-begone human, the Lord eradicates the sorrow.
Thy slave, O Lord, Thou yokest to Thine devotional service.”                          (SGGS, p. 1146)

“In all hearts, Thou abidest.
All are called partners in Thy grace. Thou art seen alien to none.”                            (SGGS, p. 97)

Reverence for the Shabd Guru

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is not only distinct for its doctrine, concept and historical legacy but it brings reconciliation to all existence and integration to every moment through its religious practices and disciplines that are ever distinct and marvelous. Of all the holy temples and religious practices throughout the world, the spiritual disciplines practiced reverently before the Siri Guru Granth Sahib are unique and ever uplifting. From the early ambrosial hours of the morning until late at night, the Guru’s Sikhs are uttering the sacred verses of the Shabd Guru. Only the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, among all of the religions and throughout the history of religious, is proffered as much honor and respect as is showered upon the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The respect and reverence bestowed upon the Shabd Guru has no parallel and is singular among religions.

Merging of the Shabd Guru and Human Consciousness

The Shabd Guru offers every individual the most profound experience of solace and peace. Distinct aesthetic pleasures are generated by the integration of the divine Shabd Guru and human consciousness. Shabd Guru or the word of God in the form of divine wisdom is sung to musical raags, and this conveys a powerful sound current that penetrates the depth of human consciousness. Then, an amalgamation of the human consciousness with the Shabd Guru is formed and the individual becomes one with the Divine. Such a one acquires uniformity and harmony with the Creator, merging individualconsciousness with the vibratory frequency of the Shabd Guru. This powerful spiritual force extends not only to the individual but projects out to the world at large. The melodious hymns of divine composition drench the very air with a profound spiritual fragrance. Any one belonging to any gender, religion, caste, country or creed may obtain spiritual nourishment, mental peace, and physical contentment without regard to any earthly distinction.

May this message of love and light of the holy Siri Guru Granth Sahib fill the hearts of all humanity with adoration of the Divine. May unity, co-operation, equality, and worship of the Divine One be performed in holy gatherings, filling the darkness of ignorance wherever it lingers with the illuminating radiance of the Light of the Shabd Guru.

“Amongst all, the One Lord is pervading; seeing and beholding the Divine, Nanak is greatly pleased.” (SGGS, p. 1299)

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