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Beads of Truth, Summer 1984, Bead Number 13, Volume II
By Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

Siri Singh Sahib jiI don't have a great urge to teach you much about me, because after all, what is important is the source from where I have learned. I have learned from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and you can learn from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib as well.

The progressive way to become great is very straightforward then. The biggest power on this planet it thought and Siri Guru Granth gives you all thoughts, all sorts of thoughts on every aspect. So, where is the strength? Strength is when you have a negative thought and immediately your consciousness releases a positive thought. And from where can positive thought come? From some teacher? From some experience? The positive thought can come from Siri Guru Granth, because that is only positive thoughts.

There may be hundreds of thousands of suns and hundreds of thousands of moons but without the Guru there is total darkness. The question is: Why Guru? Because Guru's word can be trusted. Man's words we cannot trust. I'm not going to automatically trust anything that anybody says. I always hear a person and then I put the touchstone of the Siri Guru Granth against that saying. Then I realize that if it is according to what Guru says, fine. If not, fine for him.

My inspiration is that the guardian of this Dharma is Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak, and the Guru of this Dharma is Siri Guru Granth.

I'm not inspiring you today and I don't want to inspire you. I want you to stand up and face the reality. And the reality is that you are equally created by God and blessed by the Guru as I am created by God and blessed by the Guru. I have very exactly seen this growing process. In 1969 and 1469 there is a difference of five hundred years, but there is not a difference between the concept and the flow of the concept.

In 1969 we were clubbed down, we were gunned down, we were insulted, we were totally abused and looked down upon by the society and we were labeled as corrupt, as protestors, etc. And in 1496 there was not a single difference of events. Today they don't want us to be in the Army, they don't want us on the streets, they don't want us anywhere. And it was the same then.

As our soul has not changed, so has our destiny not changed. We were leaders then, we are leaders now. We made a nation then, we are making a nation now and we will be a nation. Nothing can stop it. Nothing ever did then, nothing will ever do it now. Guru Nanak was called a mad man, he was called a ghost, he was called a devil. What is it that we are not being called now? So what is the difference? Five hundred years in between? That is no big deal, it is nothing to worry about. Those who are trying to worry are just wasting their time.

You must understand that Dharma is not the property of the individual. Please write it on your forehead, in your heart and on your toes. Dharma is not the property of the individual. Dharma is the property and the priority of God. It comes to people though the virtue of the Guru and we have a very, very exalted Guru, Siri Guru Granth. If you really keep those words with you, you will be happy.